11 Window Dream Meaning & Interpretation

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Window Dream Meaning

Dreaming of a window has several unique meanings. It represents something different in your life. The window also symbolizes that significant events will come to you. Windows can also have sacred symbolism. It signifies looking into one’s soul and what lies within the personality.

Dreams about windows represent your views on several aspects of life. Expansive windows in dreams symbolize changes in the way you see things. It also makes you feel things you might not have realized before. On the other hand, a small window shows that you are looking at things from a narrow perspective. It makes you need to broaden your horizons.

It would help if you remembered whether the windows are clean. This dream signifies that you don’t see the situation if it’s dirty. On the other hand, if it is clean, this symbol is a sign that you have no doubts.


Dream of a house without windows

If you see a house without windows, this indicates that you will fall into a trap. It is a problematic situation regarding the problems you have suffered in the past. It’s like a vicious cycle of repeated bad conditions. Read more dream about a house.

Dream about wide windows

If you see a window that is so wide, this dream illustrates that you are feeling optimistic. You are ready to face the challenges that confront you with confidence. It makes you fearless in facing any situation. When you see the light coming through the window, it can symbolize your soul’s renewal.

Dream of an open window

Dreaming of an open window can show your openness to new ideas and views on something. Dreaming about a wide open window indicates feelings of security in achieving all your goals. Nothing is stopping you from doing what you want. If you are in a difficult situation, it means that help will come soon, and you can solve problems quickly.

If you open a window to let fresh air in, such a dream signifies that you are open to new thoughts and ways to get things done.

Dream about a closed window

When you dream of a closed window, it means closure and a conservative attitude. You feel reluctant to change your mind. Other people will not be able to influence your thinking.

Dreaming of a closed window also signifies that people give you lousy judgment. It makes many people decide to stay away from you. That feeling of loneliness will soon disappear if you clear your good name or apologize for causing specific harm.


If you close the window, this indicates that you are approaching outside influences. This dream also shows that you avoid people or things you don’t like.

Dream about window curtains

When you dream of curtains on windows, this can show your secrecy or that you are hiding something. It also says that you want to avoid receiving something.

If the curtains or blinds are open, this is a sign that you are ready to talk openly about yourself. It is your will to rise and act in the face of conflict. When you open the window curtains, this indicates that you have opened yourself to new experiences.

Dream of broken window glass

When you dream about broken windows, this carries a message that you need to focus more on your plans to avoid making the same mistakes as before. It is a sign that you must remember the lessons you got in the past. Dreaming of a broken glass window denotes many problems or bad news. You have to prepare yourself mentally for the upcoming difficulties.

Meanwhile, if you dream of breaking a window, this indicates that you feel very vulnerable in certain situations. There may be events that make your spirits fall. Even though this is unprofitable, this dream invites you to better prepare and deal with problems. It can also annoy you, but you will get used to it. Read more dream about glass.

Dream of seeing many windows

When you are in a room full of windows, this can show that you feel open and vulnerable. It makes you feel as if you have nowhere to hide.


Dream peeking out the window

When you dream of secretly watching what is happening outside through a window, it can mean that you are burdened with your assumptions and views about something. You may often judge others quickly and without thinking, even if you don’t have all the necessary information.

On the other hand, dreams of peeking out of windows can also reflect your personality and show that you are a critical person.

Dream of cleaning windows

If you dream of cleaning windows, this is a sign that you have to clear your mind, especially from the fears that always hinder you. It also makes you need to be careful in communicating with other people. It would help if you had a lot of wisdom because no one else solves problems better than the people who cause them.

Dream of sitting by the window

If you sit by the window, this dream signifies mental problems due to the stress you suffer every day. You have to take time for yourself and do activities that don’t give you a headache.

Dream about going out the window

If you dream of getting out of a window, this shows that you are in a situation you shouldn’t be in. You have to consider whether there is still time to get out of this situation or try to fix the problem quickly. It can get you involved in various conflicts that result in a bad reputation.

On the other side, when you dream of jumping out of a window, this indicates that you are too confident. This dream can also mean that even though you cannot achieve something, you always try.

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