8 Wind Dream Meaning & Interpretation

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Wind Dream Meaning

The wind in dreams symbolizes the direction of a change in life. It is one of nature’s most potent elements. Dreaming of wind also shows that you will go through a critical phase.

If you’ve been dealing with a problem recently, now is the time to deal with it. The dream of a calm wind indicates that your life is peaceful.

Dreaming about gusts of wind usually symbolizes life force. This dream announces change and signifies that you must dedicate yourself more effectively to achieve your expectations. This dream is related to energy and indicates that you are ready to face change and challenges.


A wind that is too strong in a dream could represent uncertain problems. Typhoon announced turbulent conditions. However, this will pass quickly. This dream is a sign of calming down and not panicking. Whatever situation you find yourself in, it will soon give.

Dreams about wind can also show an uncomfortable situation. It can refer to a period of instability after the changes you experience. The meaning of wind in a dream can signify that you need to rejuvenate and refresh yourself.

Dream about strong winds

When you dream of strong winds preventing you from walking, that means you don’t have to have high hopes. Your plans may work out differently than you want. If you want something new, there are better times to get it. Strong winds also indicate that you need to be more vigilant because soon, you will face many challenges.

Dream about the sound of the wind

When you hear the sound of the wind, it symbolizes harmony and contentment. That means you will have nostalgia for old memories or be grateful that you once had a precious moment.

Dream of a hurricane

Dreams like this often do not bode well. A hurricane represents stress or anxiety due to unpleasant changes. You may feel overwhelmed by the things that are happening. You have to adapt to awkward situations that you cannot avoid. You may have to reconsider the choices you have made. Read more dream about hurricane.

Dream of the wind destroying the house

If you dream that the wind is destroying your house, this is a sign that you need to resolve a dispute soon. This moment is to clear up any misunderstandings that may occur. Discomfort between warring parties can result in a cold war. Read more dreams about a house.


Dream of a light wind

If you dream that the wind is blowing calmly, this indicates that you will go through a moment of calm. The breeze can make one feel this calm. It also applies to dreams. A gentle breeze can mean the excitement of a new start or an idea you have. It can also show energy and excitement about something unexpected.

When the wind in a dream feels soothing, it indicates that you need to take a break from your daily routine and do other things for a change. You may have struggled enough to get a change for the better.

Dream of dusty wind

If you see the wind blowing away the sand or together with the dust, this indicates that you will enjoy the benefits. You have income that you can use in the long term. There is still time to continue enjoying it.

Dream of wind on your face

If the wind blows on your face, you need to pay attention to yourself. Find out what makes you sad or happy. It’s a sign from within you that you need to practice your self-knowledge better.

Dream of being carried by the wind

When the wind carries you up or flying, this shows that you will go through times full of changes. This event must come unexpectedly and will significantly impact your life. Therefore you need to prepare yourself to face many challenges.

If the wind carries other people, this is a sign that you are letting essential people in your life go. You must understand that you cannot live alone, and friendships are crucial.

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