6 Wig Meaning In A Dream & Interpretation

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Wig Dream Meaning

Wigs in dreams can represent something that you are hiding. You may try to cover up your true personality. Because of shame or feelings of inferiority, you must protect yourself from the outside world. It is also a need to adjust or to make people accept you. Dreams about wigs also show disguises and maybe your efforts to control someone’s reaction to you.

Wigs in dreams can also refer to opinions or something that is not yours. For that, you can customize it and display it as your own. This dream can show your desire not to be embarrassed by other people’s ridicule to describe yourself fully. You may need to present yourself in front of other people better. Even so, this is also a sign that you are faking. This image may also indicate feelings of embarrassment for presenting a false appearance.

Dreams about wigs signify your desire to look different from other people. It can also indicate a desire for a temporary change. Wigs in dreams can show how you feel about your appearance to others. You are most likely aware that you are projecting a personality into a space that you are not really.


Dreams about wigs can often reflect worries about hair loss and embarrassment because you have to cover your bald head. Also, the symbol of a wig in a dream carries the interpretation of a wrong impression. You may think of other people’s efforts as your own. It indicates that you have to start thinking about yourself.

Dream of seeing a wig

If you see a wig but don’t wear it, this dream shows that you are worried about the possibility of embarrassing yourself if you present yourself to people as you are. So it’s easier to give yourself something other than yourself. It also indicates that you are trying to show that you are better than you are.

Wigs can also signify your need for secrecy. You may value your privacy and don’t want it to be known. Sometimes a wig in a dream means that you are hiding something.

Dream of wearing a wig

If you wear a wig on your head, this dream indicates that you may show something wrong to the people around you. You may feel pressured to hide a part of yourself, or you are afraid of criticism. The dream attempts to see how people perceive you and react to you.

To dream of wearing a wig can also show that you want some changes in appearance or lifestyle. You may think this change will happen quickly and are not ready to work too hard.

Dream of buying a wig

When you buy a wig in a dream, this image signifies that you will soon make changes that you don’t intend. This dream can also tell you that you will make the wrong decision. It will have a severe impact.


Dream about someone wearing a wig

When you dream of seeing someone wearing a wig, this carries a message about manipulation. Someone will commit fraud, and you will be one of the victims. It can make you very annoyed with all the evil tricks.

Dream of a wig with long hair

When you dream of seeing lots of long wigs, this can show that you are missing an opportunity to become rich. You wasted opportunities in vain. Maybe you feel proud that you underestimate things you think are useless. Read more dream about hair.

Dream of losing a wig

To dream that you have lost your wig and cannot find it indicates that you will soon be intimidated and ridiculed. It can be related to the work you just finished. It can hurt you and destroy your confidence. This dream can also mean that you will get humiliation from your enemies.

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