12 Watermelon Dream Meaning & Interpretation

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Watermelon Dream Meaning

Watermelon has a sweet and fresh taste. In general, this fruit comes with red and yellow on the inside. Watermelon carries a symbol of fertility. Dreaming of a watermelon signifies softness behind thick walls.

Watermelon is one of the favorite fruits many people like. This fruit is not only delicious but also healthy. Watermelon is a fruit that symbolizes passion and fertility. When you dream of watermelon, this can be a sign of success. Moreover, this fruit represents developing emotional relationships and improving financial conditions.

Watermelon in dreams also shows that you tend to act passionately in all aspects. On the other hand, watermelon conveys the message that even though you look tough, you have emotions you don’t know how to express. Watermelon looks tough on the outside but vulnerable on the inside.


Women often dream of watermelons during pregnancy. It is a subconscious sign of their fertility and readiness to reproduce. That’s why for women, dreaming of watermelon could be a sign of a recent pregnancy. On the other hand, if a woman dreams of dropping a watermelon and it breaks, it could denote miscarriage or loss of the baby.

Dreams about fruits are something prevalent with different meanings. With the appearance of this symbol, you can find various interpretations that will help you decipher the dream message.

Dream of seeing a watermelon

When you see a watermelon in a dream, it is a sign of strong emotions. Seeing a watermelon represents novelty and different sensations. It applies not only to your life but also to the people around you. Seeing a watermelon in a dream brings good luck and pleasure. Most likely, this dream is a sign that you will have an extraordinary experience.

However, if you see a watermelon suddenly split into two, this dream reveals that someone has hurt you. It also indicates that you should try to avoid problems.

Dream of eating watermelon

If you eat watermelon, this shows joy and contentment. Take advantage of your time with someone special. It also offers a moment of stability to help you build a foundation for the future. When you eat a ripe watermelon in a dream, it denotes happiness and material gain.

Dream about a rotten watermelon

When you see a rotten watermelon in a dream, this reveals that the people around you don’t have good feelings for you. They will always try to trick you. It will make you encounter obstacles when you want to realize your goals.


Dream of buying watermelon

When you dream of buying watermelons, this signifies the people you trust are around you. This circle of people becomes part of your life. Stay tuned for opportunities that may arise from this network. The good and bad phases depend on how you relate to those people.

In a bad sense, the watermelon you buy in dreams gives a message about your decisions. It will backfire because you didn’t think before you made it.

Dream of a giant watermelon

If you dream about a giant watermelon, it brings joy. Big watermelons in your dreams will give you real happiness. You will have the opportunity to enjoy life the way you always wanted. A giant watermelon in your dream could be an announcement of good news from someone close to you. This dream can also be an announcement of future success.

Dream about watermelon seeds

When you see watermelon seeds, these dreams reveal the peak of a period of misery or suffering. If you are on the cusp of success, you must remember that nothing lasts forever. Never believe in your success, but you must try harder every day.

Dream about unripe watermelon

If you dream of an unripe watermelon, something is out there. You may have a plan and are trying to make it happen, but you may need more time to prepare for the existing responsibilities. This dream tells you not to rush and prepare more plans. Also, an unripe watermelon in a dream is not a good sign and could indicate health problems or discomfort.


Dream of a watermelon field

When you see a watermelon garden, this shows that a child will be born from your family or those closest to you. A large number of watermelons in the green symbolizes fertility. It also indicates that your work will be very successful and give you big profits.

Dream of dropping a watermelon to the ground

When you drop the watermelon on the ground, but it doesn’t break, this dream announces debt repayment. It indicates that you will soon pay off your debt to someone, or someone will pay off your debt; it is much faster than you expected.

Dream about a broken watermelon

If you see a watermelon breaking because of something, this predicts that you will face difficulties. A broken watermelon indicates that you made a mistake that led to failure.

Dreaming of a watermelon breaking into pieces can signify that you have to be more humble and generous not to hurt the people around you. Apart from that, this dream also shows that someone you know will have a miscarriage.

Dream of cutting a watermelon

When you dream of cutting a watermelon, this represents preparation to take a more profound step in a love relationship. You mature through years of experience. Now is the time to go to the next level. If you don’t have a relationship with anyone, that person might come into your life.

Meanwhile, this is not a good sign if you dream of seeing someone cutting a watermelon. This dream is an announcement of a conflict with the environment. Someone will hurt you and even make a scene in public. It will make you very uncomfortable.

Dream of sowing watermelon seeds

When you plant watermelons, dreams like this can indicate your efforts to invest in the future. You may be laying the foundation for a new project or investing in something. You also start to learn something that will benefit you in the future or create a new relationship.

If the land where you plant watermelons is infertile, this dream signifies that you are trapped in a desperate situation. It is also associated with bad relationships or work.

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