5 Wasp Dream Meaning & Interpretation

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Wasp Dream Meaning

Wasps are not a common symbol in dreams. If you dream of it, this symbol conveys that you have an ongoing problem. It’s a situation that threatens you at any time. You may want to defend yourself, but you are afraid that someone will take revenge on you for it.

If you say what you think or defend someone from injustice, the situation will not get out of control. Wasps in dreams can also signify that someone’s statement or action has badly treated you. Maybe someone is bullying you or threatening you.

Dreams about wasps can also indicate that you are too critical of an achievement. You may be too hard on yourself and need to reward yourself for what you do. The wasp symbol is more dangerous than the bee because this insect is enormous. It will be on a threatening person or situation. You may worry about problems that are out of your control.


Dream of seeing wasps

When you see wasps in your dreams, this does not bring a good sign. This dream symbolizes problems and dangers that might come to you soon. This symbol shows that you allow anger and rush to dominate you. It brings you into an unpleasant situation, which can have enormous consequences.

If you see a swarm of wasps, this dream warns you to end the relationship immediately because it might threaten you and your future.

Dream about wasps chasing you

When you dream about wasps chasing you, this indicates that an insult will hurt your feelings. This dream can also signal that you will get ridiculed at work because of your carelessness. You may need more time to finish your work. That’s why this dream is a warning to pay attention to how you work. Otherwise, this will make you lose your job due to carelessness.

Dream about a wasp nest

Seeing a wasp’s nest in your dream indicates that you want to avoid sensitive situations. This dream can also show that you might fear falling out with someone.

Dream about wasps stinging you

Maybe you’ve ever felt a bee sting. It hurts, right? It’s different from a wasp sting. Wasps of a larger size can cause much more severe pain than bees. You can suffer from a fever due to the sting of a forest wasp.

In the dream world, a wasp sting signifies ambitions of revenge and anger. Maybe you feel angry at someone, and this creates a grudge. Perhaps you also want to take revenge on those who want to hurt you. This symbol can also show that you might be jealous of someone or vice versa.


Dreams about wasp stings can also signify that there is someone in your environment who tends to cause trouble. It can include your relatives or friends. So the dream warns that you must understand who it is and protect yourself in time.

Apart from that, this dream can also mean some painful experiences and difficulties. You may face harsh criticism from your boss for mistakes in your work. Read more dream about bees.

Dream about wasps in your house

When you dream of seeing wasps making nests in your house, this indicates that you don’t have an opinion about yourself. It makes you distrust your abilities.

Meanwhile, this is a good sign if you dream of destroying a wasp’s nest and killing it. This symbol announces that your problems and difficulties will end soon.

Dream of killing wasps

When you kill wasps in a dream, this indicates that you will be able to face your opponents and be better than them. This symbol like that can also signify the profits you got recently.

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