5 Thunder Dream Meaning & Interpretation

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Thunder Dream Meaning

Thunder is a symbol of natural forces that are so powerful and terrible. Dreams about thunder can bring messages of shocking news. It is news that comes suddenly and makes you feel happy or sad. As you know, the sound of thunder in nature can startle and make your heart flutter.

The meaning of thunder in dreams represents a symbol of anger, acute illness, and shocking news. This dream can also signify the deception that you suddenly face. If you hear thunder, and it bothers you a lot, this dream signifies that the future will be more difficult.

Some people believe that dreams about thunder can be a hint or a warning about something to come. It could signify that you must be aware of a particular situation or take precautions. Paying attention to this dream’s context and other details is essential to uncover hidden messages.


Thunder in a dream also could announce upcoming difficult times or fast bad changes. Thunder also often signifies the emotional turmoil of anger, hurt, and hatred. Thunder can also convey a message about turbulent things in your life. It can also show that you feel guilty about something.

A turbulent life of uncertain events can make dreams about thunder always present. A mood full of changes can lead to prolonged depression. Dreams about thunder can also reflect the accumulation of anger within you.

Dreams about thunder also carry messages about upcoming changes in your life. Like thunder that shakes the sky, this dream can indicate that there is a significant change that will occur in your life. These changes can be career changes, relationships, or even changes in your personality and mindset.

Dreams about thunder can reflect outbursts of anger and danger. Maybe you are full of aggression because of something, and you feel it. The dream could also signify someone who is angry and reacts aggressively constantly. It can generally reflect your temperament because something bothers you and makes you angry.

Dream about thunder and lightning

When you dream of seeing lightning and hearing thunder, this indicates that you will meet someone you liked in the past and enjoy each other’s company. However, the meaning of this dream will apply if you don’t feel afraid in your dreams or feel normal.

Conversely, if you feel afraid in your dream, you will soon face a problem you cannot solve alone. It would help if you asked for help from your friends or family.


Dream about thunder chasing you

If thunder chases you, that dream signifies a turbulent relationship with the many ups and downs you face. This symbol can also indicate the dangerous interests that you have. You may have a challenging activity or adventure in nature with all kinds of scary action. You have to be careful with what you have planned.

Dream of hearing the sound of thunder

When you dream of hearing thunder, this dream can be a warning about your anger outburst. You have to face your emotions and try to get rid of them. It’s so dangerous because something terrible can happen to you anytime. This dream carries a message that you must learn to control yourself.

Meanwhile, if you hear thunder that surprises you, this dream is an announcement about terrible news you will soon hear. It can be related to your work, family, and people near you. This symbol can be an announcement about the news that surprises you.

Meanwhile, if you dream of hearing thunder from a distance, this picture indicates a situation you don’t want. The sound of thunder from a distance may not bother you so much.

Even so, you still need to calm down and not let destructive emotions affect you in any way. This dream can also mean that problems and difficult moments will soon pass.

Dream about thunder and lightning striking you

Dreaming about being struck by lightning can signify significant losses and disappointments in all fields. Besides that, thunder striking you shows that disease will attack you.


Dream about a thunderstorm

When dreaming about a thunderstorm, this signifies the troubles and sorrows that you will soon face. You will need help from someone you trust. Lightning storms carry messages about big waves in your life. It is something that will test your patience.

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