10 Theft Symbol In A Dream & Interpretation

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Theft Dream Meaning

A thief in a dream does not make for a pleasant picture. Dreams about the theft can be present to everyone and do not deviate from reality. In general, it represents an unexpected sense of loss. This dream is a signal that you will face such an incident.

Dreaming about theft has different meanings, depending on your feeling toward this dream. You can conclude whether this picture is a good sign for you or will do something you think is necessary. Despite the laws and regulations, if you feel guilty, such a dream is a bad sign.

In a good sense, the dream of stealing can also symbolize getting and taking what you need. On the other hand, this dream can represent that you are a greedy and selfish person who only thinks about himself and ignores others. It can all be related to work or something else.


Apart from being related to wealth, it also represents the loss of a friend or person close to you. Maybe you will get into a fight, and this dream is a sign. People will be the judge of your past actions.

Dreaming of being a thief can mean disobedience or disrespect for someone. It’s a sign that you are taking advantage of someone who does not respect you. The dream also shows that you do not follow rules that do not benefit you. Stealing in a dream can also reflect everyday events where you experience theft or see scenes where someone commits theft. The dream meaning of stealing also means that you believe that you cannot get what you want in the usual way, but you have to manage it.

Dreams about theft also warn that there are better times to carry out a series of financial-related activities. You also have to be careful and may need money to compensate for the loss.

Dream of a thief at home

When you see a thief breaking into your house, this portends betrayal by someone close to you. It’s a warning that you are putting all your efforts into serving someone, but this will end in disappointment. You may assume that you will have the support of others even if this is not the case. You must always be ready to face reality with disappointment.

If this dream comes repeatedly, you must consider the next step because something will affect your finances. It also symbolizes that illness will come your way.

Dream about a masked thief

When you dream of a masked thief, this signifies a stage of distress. This dream shows that there are hidden feelings from other people towards you. Maybe someone doesn’t like you but still tries to be excellent in front of you. For that, you need to act carefully with every step you take. Other people may not like the way you behave.


Dream of catching a thief

When you dream of catching a thief, this is a good sign. This picture signifies that you will go through difficult times. This image symbolizes that you will find a way to do things right without any ill effects. In addition, the thief being caught also shows that many people depend on you.

If you dream of chasing or catching a thief, this signifies that you will face enemies. The dream can also announce that you will overcome the upcoming temptation.

Dream about thieves and police

When you dream about thieves and police, this shows the steps you must take in dealing with a situation. You have to believe in the plan you take. If you become a thief and the police chase you, this portends terrible luck in business. Read more police in dreams.

Dream of being a thief

When you become a thief, this dream shows the fear of losing something you earned so hard. It’s the deep anxiety you have been feeling all along. You are afraid that you will lose something valuable.

Dreams of stealing from someone can reflect your feelings that you are missing something. You may have some unfulfilled plans. If you were caught stealing, this dream represents everyday occurrences where you are caught doing something you shouldn’t have done. You may feel awkward and out of control. This kind of dream can also mean that someone will distract you, and it can also mean some changes you like.

Dream of stealing a bag

When you dream of stealing someone’s bag, this can signify carelessness that can cause problems. The wrong decision can cost a lot of money and property. This dream is a warning to be careful.


Dream of someone chasing you for stealing

When you become a thief, and someone is after you, this portends troubles, failures in business, and mischief with other people. Such a dream can also indicate relationship or emotional problems.

Dream of a thief chasing you

When you dream that a thief is chasing you, this dream will announce problems and conflicts with your opponents. You have to be very careful when dealing with strangers.

Dream about a dead thief

When you see a thief being killed, it signifies that you have the intelligence to know who the people are who will betray you. This dream is a good sign because it guarantees that you will soon escape any dangerous situation.

Dream someone steals something from you

When someone steals something from you, it indicates that you are facing a problem or missing something. Someone does something, and you feel you are being mistreated. This dream also represents regret for missing an opportunity or making a wrong decision. You may think that you are being exploited, that someone does not respect your dignity, or that people look down on you. Maybe you feel like you can’t trust someone. Dreaming that someone has stolen something from you also signifies that you think that others do not understand you or that you do not respect others.

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