12 Swimming Pool Meaning In A Dream & Interpretation

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indoor swimming pool in a dream

The swimming pool is filled with water to relax, exercise, and have fun. Swimming in the pool helps relieve stress and anxiety. A swimming pool is always associated with water. It symbolizes feelings and desires.

When you recently went to the pool or thought about it for some reason, you are likely dreaming about it. In this case, your dream about a swimming pool may not have any symbol, and you don’t need to interpret it. However, if a pond appears in your dreams for no reason, there’s nothing wrong with trying to find the interpretation.

Dreams of swimming pools can have both good and lousy symbolism, depending on all the other details in the dream. Dreams about swimming pools have many different meanings. It can give the message that you are aligned with an intuition that helps you make choices. This image can also show the most profound emotions.


The swimming pool you see in a dream encourages peace and moving on with life. This dream also shows that you need to try hard to succeed in something, especially if you swim hard.

Most dreams about swimming pools announce that something beautiful will happen shortly. However, this dream will depend on the state of the swimming pool and what else appears when you sleep.

Dream of seeing a swimming pool

When you see a swimming pool in a dream, this indicates that you desire to spend time with someone. Sometimes this dream symbolizes things related to love and affection. It often shows people close to you, so you can use your time and attention for those you love. Dreaming of a swimming pool with a beautiful garden signifies a possible relationship with someone. It makes you determined to fight for your love.

The swimming pool signifies a pleasant and beautiful event awaiting you soon. Your efforts and efforts will likely pay off, and you will be delighted with what you have achieved.

If you are getting ready to travel, know that this is the right thing to do, and you will enjoy it. You may meet some exciting people who will become very important.

When you see an indoor swimming pool, it carries the message that you have a closed character from the outside world. Maybe you feel that other people are asking you to change, and you don’t want to do it because you feel safe. You may also not like it when other people affect your life.


Dream of filling a swimming pool with water

It is a good sign when you dream of filling a swimming pool with water. This symbol carries a message about prosperity. You may have skills that you can use to make money or fame.

If the water cannot fill the swimming pool, it denotes a romantic life. You may have problems with your partner and need to know how this relationship will develop later.

Dream of an empty swimming pool

When you dream of an empty swimming pool without water, it brings a terrible message. It signifies feelings of loneliness and emptiness. This picture also shows sadness and you have to adapt to new situations. You need to ask yourself, are you currently feeling depressed? This dream expresses concern about the problem you are feeling. A swimming pool without water encourages you to learn from mistakes and not repeat them.

Dream of soaking in a swimming pool

When you are soaking in the pool area and enjoying it, this is the effect of your boredom. You may feel overwhelmed by your daily routine and want to make changes. This dream signifies your desire to start calming down and relaxing like in your dreams. It would help if you found time to pour out your wishes.

Dream of swimming in a pool

That is a good sign when you dream of swimming in a clean pool. This dream signifies that you will be able to get out of a bad company and get rid of bad habits. Besides that, the situation in family and love will be perfect and satisfy you.


If you dream of swimming in a dirty pool, you will start doing bad things, or at least you will have bad habits. This dream warns you not to do it so as not to ruin your life.

When you swim and find it difficult, it reminds you to finish the unfinished business you started some time ago. You may face many challenges, and you cannot overcome them alone.

Dream of a pool with clean water

Seeing a swimming pool with clean water is a good business decision to benefit you. You can feel calm for a moment after you have worked hard all this time. This dream is a sign of success and fulfillment of your desires. Eventually, you will receive a reward for your efforts and hard work in the past.

A clean pond is a sign that things will go well. That is, you will get a lot of success. You have to invest money in the projects that come to you. If you dream about a clean pool, it will also announce a lot of success and money in the future.

Dream of a swimming pool with dirty water

If you see a pond with dirty water, this dream is not a good sign. This symbol signifies the worries and misfortunes that await you in the future. This dream often expresses feelings that are unclear or something that bothers you.

When you dream of a dirty pool, it is a sign that you have to be more careful at work. Maybe one of the business partners wants to hurt you and set you up. Therefore, be careful, especially when signing significant contracts for your business.

Dream of a pool full of trash

When you dream of a pond full of garbage, this carries a message that you may have a lifestyle beyond your means. Maybe you live excessively in all aspects of your life, and this dream is a warning to stop it because it will bring bad things like bankruptcy.

Dream of drinking pool water

That is a bad sign when you dream of drinking water from a pond. In the future, you may experience some health problems and feel terrible. On the other hand, seeing other people drinking water from a pond is a good sign. You can avoid some diseases and feel good in the future.

Dream of a vast swimming pool

It’s a warning when you dream that you are in a swimming pool that is too big. You may soon meet someone who seems friendly. However, that was only a first impression. Be wary of strangers; don’t let anyone fool you with appearances.

Dream of kissing in a swimming pool

When you dream of kissing someone in a swimming pool, then it signifies the possibility of a love adventure. You will face great temptations and will not know whether to accept what is happening.

Dream of diving into a swimming pool

When you dream of diving into a pool, this is a sign that significant changes are waiting for you. It symbolizes a change in an essential aspect of your life that will have a long-term impact. You need to think carefully before taking action in this direction. Read more diving in a dream.

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