13 Swimming Dream Meaning & Interpretation

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Swimming Dream Meaning

Dreams about swimming can have many meanings. It can be fascinating because it varies widely, and every dreamer has a perception of the activity. Emotions are a determining factor in the interpretation of swimming in dreams.

If you have just been to a swimming pool and enjoy swimming in the pool, this makes you do this activity in your dreams. Swimming is an activity that affects the whole body and mind. Therefore, dreams about swimming are prevalent.

Dreams about swimming are reflections that come and tell a lot about your personality. Water in a dream represents deep desires and feelings. Meanwhile, being in the water means several things.


Dreams of swimming usually show spiritual relationships and development. It also portends significant events in the future. Swimming in your sleep can also refer to your efforts to overcome problems in life. It has many different meanings depending on how it happened in your sleep.

To dream of swimming can mean that you are in the process of exploring your subconscious and emotions. You may need emotional support. If you are undergoing specific therapy, these dreams can come quickly.

When you dream of enjoying swimming in the water and not being afraid, that is a dream with good meaning. Try to remember the incident in your dream.

Dream of swimming with difficulty

If you dream of swimming with difficulty, there are better signs than this, which signifies challenges in achieving your current goals. This dream is also an announcement of severe disappointment.

On the other hand, when you find it easy to swim, it is often an announcement of future success. This dream carries a high probability of success regarding the completion of work that you are involved in.

Dream about swimming in clear water

Clear water in a dream always represents something optimistic. If you are in clear water, it can mean many things. This dream can symbolize good health. Meanwhile, swimming in clear water shows that you carry out appropriate activities. It is a symbol of hope for success in all areas. You will see what is in front of you and take advantage of it.


To dream of swimming in clear blue water can mean that you have started to reconsider your life and find solutions to some of the problems you face.

Dream about swimming in dirty water

If you swim in dirty water, then this brings a terrible message. This dream shows that you are in an uncomfortable situation and need a lot of effort to get out. Many problems in the next moment will worsen, making you feel helpless.

Usually, dreams about swimming in dirty water reflect deep worries about bad things. Maybe you do something that has terrible consequences.

Dream of swimming without clothes

Dreams like this show that you need faith in your ability to handle any situation. You may also need the support of others. Right now, you may be going through difficult times.

Dream of swimming underwater

When you dream that you are swimming underwater, this symbolizes deep insight and introspection. The symbol of diving in dreams is related to personality. This dream says that you have almost discovered who you are and your deepest desires. You have to trust your intuition and distance yourself from the outside world. Once you know yourself, you will adapt to the world and swim easily.

Swimming underwater can mean high emotions. You may be forcing yourself to confront your subconscious feelings.


Dream of swimming to escape

When you swim away from someone or something else, it shows that you are avoiding the deep emotions that are within you. Maybe too painful

If you swim to avoid danger or death, the dream signifies that you have a fear that you cannot overcome. This dream can also indicate a fear of change.

Dream about swimming in cold water

Cold water symbolizes helplessness and loss of strength. If you are swimming in cold water, this carries a not-so-pleasant message. Swimming in cold water shows that you must go through a difficult journey to improve the situation. The dream of swimming in cold water states that you need mental strength to face challenges. Think about what bothers you the most in your real life.

Dreams about swimming in ice-cold water also sometimes symbolize trying hard to break the deadlock and survive. Even if you have a lot of fear, don’t let it drag you any further.

Dream about swimming with someone

When you dream of swimming with other people, it means you have great support. Meanwhile, if you dream of swimming with strangers, it means that there is a strong figure who cares for you, even though you don’t know it. You may need to thank the people who help you. Swimming next to someone in a dream is a good sign and can mean having friends you can trust.

Dream of learning to swim

If you dream of learning to swim, that means the time has come to make a change. A new beginning will come waiting for you. Maybe you’ve been through horrible things and feel lost and hopeless. Now is the time to improve, but it will take work.

If you feel that everything in your life is fine, this dream shows that you may not be aware of the things you have to change. It makes you think more deeply about what you have been living all this time.

Dream of swimming with fish

Swimming with fish like dolphins or whales shows that you have extraordinary energy at this time. This dream is usually a good sign, and you will be rewarded for work success.

Dream of swimming and drowning

When you swim and end up drowning, this signifies insurmountable difficulties because you will not be able to complete your tasks or obligations on time.

Dream about forgetting how to swim

If you dream that you can’t swim, even though you are a good swimmer, it indicates that something is wrong, even if you haven’t realized it. Something you thought you were good at needs to be corrected. You may exaggerate your abilities and are too arrogant. Trying to swim and failing or drowning indicates that you are too proud of your abilities.

Dream of swimming with the current

When you swim and get carried away, this is a bad sign. This dream symbolizes your worries about the future. Besides that, this picture signifies the period of purification you need to solve your problems.

Going against the flow of water can also mean you need help achieving your current plans. You will face many problems and obstacles.

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