11 Spider Meaning In A Dream & Interpretation

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Spider Dream Meaning

The spider is one of the oldest symbols of all secrets and hidden things. These insects have represented witchcraft since ancient times. In addition to animals that are full of symbolic meaning, spiders also represent creativity and patience.

On the other hand, animals that are disgusting and scary for most people show the black side of their personality. Spiders are also tied to unfavorable aspects of one’s character. Universally, spiders have multiple meanings in all cultures in the world.

These insects often carry messages of darkness and symbols of evil. Incredible spider webs always symbolize intrigue and manipulation. At the same time, cobwebs represent fragility and weakness—so many beliefs and superstitions about spiders.


A spider in a dream can show your fear that someone is trying to deceive you. You may think someone is trying to manipulate you, or you may be caught in a web of lies and deception. On the other hand, it shows that you are a manipulator. A dream like this tells you that you must prevent or change your behavior. You may feel trapped in some bad habit or traits like alcohol or drugs, and you feel like you can’t get out of this network.

Such a dream can also result from participating in a bad business venture. As a result, you can’t get out. This dream is a message that you must ask someone for help to eliminate the situation without consequences.

Dream of a little spider

Seeing a spider in your dream can signify luck for your love life. It can symbolize the change of plans you are about to make. A baby spider in a dream indicates a new romantic bond. Not only that, a tiny spider in a dream can represent new friends and acquaintances.

Dream of a giant spider

If you saw a giant spider, this dream can be a warning of a possible confrontation or conflict with bad people. The dream also shows that the people around you may mean to insult or humiliate you.

Dream of being bitten by a spider

When you dream of being bitten by a spider, this is a sign that you have unresolved conflicts in your life. This symbol displays conflict with someone dominant in your life. It reflects the real-life setting, where someone controls the decisions you are about to make.

On the other hand, such a dream reflects the impression that you are trapped in the current state of life. A spider bite in a dream can reflect the image that you are trapped and confined in your existing bond.


Dream of a spider walking on a web

This dream is a message from your subconscious that you must balance your life a little. This symbol can also result from the fear of spiders, especially if there is more than one spider in your dream. It is a message that you must face your fears and work to overcome them so that you can live your everyday life.

Dream of spiders crawling on your body

When a spider walks on your body, it can be a warning of interference or bad influences from people close to you and always present in your life.

Dream of killing spiders

Dreaming of killing a spider can mean that you will succeed in dealing with people who are your enemies or disagree with your way of thinking. The symbol can also mean that you will be able to deny the rumors and accusations that you will face in the future. On the other hand, if you can’t kill a spider, such a dream can indicate illness or an inability to complete your plans or projects.

Dream of a spider weaving a web

A spider weaves a web in your dream showing that others will appreciate your efforts. You may get a promotion or praise for contributing to a difficult task.

A dream like this can also be a good sign for your finances. It could mean that you will get money or financial compensation for the excellent work you have done.

Dream of a spider crawling the wall

When you see a spider crawling on a wall in a dream, it is not a good sign and can announce an accident and the inability to solve some critical problems. If a spider crawls down from the ceiling, it means that there is an atmosphere that you want to stay away from. It can also mean that you are unknowingly avoiding meeting someone.


Dream of eating spiders

When you dream of eating a spider, you are responsible for the atmosphere in your life. You have a lot of power and control over various areas of life. These dreams reflect the dreamer’s tendency to be dominant and establish a relationship.

Dream of catching spiders

If you catch a spider, this dream can mean the expansion of the family with the birth of a son. It can also represent the family of some people close to you. A dream like this can also signify that you will receive a gift or achieve something you have wanted for a long time.

Dream of spider webs

Dreams about cobwebs are full of hidden meanings and interpretations. Cobwebs are symbols that often bring good luck. Cobwebs represent your life well. Dreams related to cobwebs often show promising signs. You will get a reward for your efforts in real life.

People will show how much they appreciate your work, and you can earn a better income. The symbol expresses your creative side. It can be very inspiring as well as motivating.

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