13 Scissors Dream Meaning & Interpretation

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Scissors Dream Meaning

The dream of scissors represents all the things you don’t want anymore, and you are at the stage of getting rid of them. It will be an activity that keeps you busy for a long time and distracts you.

Scissors in a dream are a warning sign to solve problems quickly so that you can live better in the present. Injuring yourself or someone else with scissors in a dream is a sign that you will face difficulties in life with friends.

In general, dreaming of scissors talks about cutting. It is something that is missing in your life. Apart from that, scissors can also symbolize communication, namely the ability to speak well or express what you want clearly.


People use scissors to cut, and this requires sharpness. This dream signifies that you must cut some things related to situations or people who are no longer helping you.

Scissors also denote sharp words or comments and mean farewell. Since scissors often symbolize cutting and throwing away what you no longer need, it’s essential to understand what you no longer need. The dream could also signify disturbances and conflicts soon.

Dream about holding scissors

If you dream that you are holding scissors in your hands, this indicates that you can take timely action. You will do something wise. It also represents the need to get rid of something that hurts you once and for all. Let only what is good remain in your life.

Dream about giant scissors

Dreaming of giant scissors symbolizes not placing too much trust and expectations on someone or another situation. Chances are that you will not meet your expectations, and you will be disappointed in the end. Live in the present and focus on the now.

Dream about broken scissors

When you dream of broken scissors, this is a bad sign. This dream signifies that your enemy will beat you. They can take something from you or do all kinds of painful actions. Dreaming of broken scissors also indicates that you will face considerable difficulties in business, and you must be vigilant.

If you break the scissors yourself, it means that you will face difficulties. You have to try hard to fix what’s wrong. Meanwhile, if you find broken scissors, this symbolizes that you need to stop hurting other people.


Dream of sharpening scissors

When you dream of sharpening scissors, this can mean that you need to improve your communication with people. Work on making life lighter and giving others a chance to speak up.

Dream about open scissors

If you dream of open scissors, this symbolizes your need to express yourself without fear. Be careful not to get into a relationship that you will later regret. Open your mind and live what you haven’t lived yet.

Dream of cutting something with scissors

If you dream that you are cutting something with scissors, it represents that you have great control. It is easy for you to throw away what is useless. Even so, you must still be careful not to get rid of what you shouldn’t.

When you cut something with scissors, this dream is an announcement of financial gains soon. Generally, this is a good sign and signifies success. You will be successful in completing the job because of your hard work. Everyone will believe you.

Dream about blunt scissors

When you see blunt scissors, that dream represents communication difficulties. It will impact by causing other complications. Avoid talking too much so that others understand. Try to find within yourself the cause of this difficulty in self-expression. When you have to speak, don’t tell your secrets to just anyone.

Dream of getting scissors

When you receive scissors as a gift in a dream, it could mean you have to settle something with someone who gave it to you in a dream. This dream also carries a symbol of sadness and perhaps more significant loss. In addition, this image also portends separation and divorce.


Dream about surgical scissors

Surgical scissors in a dream show someone who needs your help. Usually, this is related to health problems. These are friends or relatives who need your support. Please don’t ignore them because they are essential elements to building trust. Take advantage of this opportunity to do good in solidarity.

Dream of losing scissors

When you lose your scissors in a dream, it can mark the beginning of a complex and tedious task which is a waste of time. This dream can also mean several jobs at once with fewer results. It would help to consider whether the project you are planning will pay off and whether it is worth your effort and time.

Dream about sharp scissors

If you saw very sharp, sharp scissors, this dream indicates that you have a conflict that may involve other people. Sometimes telling someone is the best medicine for dealing with stress. Get help who can give you all the support you need.

Dream about bloody scissors

If you see bloody scissors, this dream says that you have done things that have hurt or even harmed several people. You have great potential to cause pain to others. You need to review this and learn to control yourself. Read more blood in a dream.

Dream about rusty scissors

When you see rusty scissors, this is a dream that shows that certain things are no longer helpful. Dreaming of rusty scissors speaks of renewal and the need to try new items according to the current situation. Observe in everyday life what you can update. Work to fix it as soon as possible, and don’t delay your work.

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