13 Rose Dream Meaning & Interpretation

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Rose Dream Meaning

Dreams about roses can have various meanings. It will depend on your reaction to the roses in your sleep. If you are sad, it symbolizes a sense of loss. Conversely, that dream has a good meaning if you are happy with love. Usually, this indicates that you feel so glad if other people love you.

The rose is one of the most common flowers. Roses have various types and beautiful colors. Roses signify love and romance. Rose is a symbol of beauty and purity. Therefore, it is unsurprising that roses often appear in one’s dreams.

Roses usually signify love in some way, as well as fertility and adoration. The color of the roses you see can also affect the meaning of dreams. Red roses usually symbolize love and romance. Yellow can stand for friendship but also jealousy and cheating. The white rose is primarily a symbol of peace, purity, and peace. Meanwhile, pink roses can signify new love.


Rose is a symbol of dazzling beauty. When you dream of seeing roses, this often refers to your desire to have beauty in life. This dream signifies that you need more beauty and joy in your daily routine.

If you receive a bouquet of roses as a surprise in your dream, this could be a sign that you will soon experience a pleasant and unexpected moment. This surprise can be good news, a new opportunity, or a meaningful meeting.

Roses can also represent your feelings about the events that occurred. It can also mean some memories from the past. Seeing it in a dream can symbolize loyalty, love, and joy in several areas of life. Roses also symbolize passion, unity, romance, and friendship.

Dreams about roses can also reflect your love for someone or show that someone is critical to you. It carries a message about your need to care for yourself more than ever.

Dream of smelling roses

When you smell roses in a dream, this is a sign of satisfaction and happiness. The dream is a message to relax a little and enjoy your life so you don’t miss some essential things.

Dream of tearing roses

When you tear a rose, that dream warns about the possibility of breaking up with someone very close to you, namely a friend or emotional partner. Losing it can cause prolonged sadness and maybe even depression for you.


Dream about wilted roses

When you dream of wilted roses, it’s generally not a good sign. Usually, it represents the departure or absence of someone you love. It can also mean death or the end of something. This dream can reflect feelings of sadness over lost love. Withered roses in a dream can also mean the end of a relationship or the realization that someone doesn’t love you anymore.

Dream of getting roses

If you receive roses from someone, this is a sign that you have someone who cares for and loves you. It can signify that you are receiving attention and love from the people closest to you. Besides, this can also symbolize happiness and joy in your life. Receiving roses can indicate that you are experiencing beautiful and happy moments.

Dream of planting rose

If you dream of planting roses, this can have a different meaning. Planting roses can symbolize your efforts and dedication toward achieving beauty and happiness. It can be a sign that you are working hard to create a beautiful and harmonious environment around you. Planting roses can also be a symbol of the love and care you give to those closest to you.

Dream of picking roses

If you pick roses in your dream it denotes that you are making an important decision or taking the opportunity before you. This dream can hint that you are taking positive steps to improve your life or achieve your goals.

Dream about a bouquet of roses

If you dream about a bouquet of roses, this is a token of appreciation or praise you have received from others. This dream could signify that you are getting recognition for your efforts and accomplishments.

Dream about white roses

When you see white roses in a dream, this can represent the innocence of your feelings or your true love for someone. Maybe you have the perfect love in your life and a love that seems to last forever. The dream can also show you can openly express your love for someone.


Dream about pink roses

Dreaming of pink roses can mean great admiration for someone you can’t stop thinking about. On the other hand, it can reflect your affection for someone you love. You may have a strong sexual desire for someone you love.

Dream about yellow roses

When you dream about yellow roses, this reflects your need for love in your life. Maybe you or someone around you is in love, and perhaps you notice someone loves you.

Dream of purple roses

The color of roses in dreams can also have different meanings. For example, dreaming about purple roses could represent spiritual strength or portend significant changes in your life. Purple roses also often denote grace and wisdom.

Dream about roses with thorns

If you see thorny roses, this indicates that you have problems in the romantic relationship you are in. This dream can also show that you have to overcome a problematic situation to get benefits.

Thorny roses can also indicate a problematic relationship with a partner. Maybe you risked something for someone you love. You may feel that loving someone is dangerous or associated with many problems.

Dream about roses according to petals

Rose petals can also provide different interpretations depending on the number of petals seen in your dream.

Seeing a single petal rose in your dream could signify sincerity and simplicity. It could mean that you are the type of person who is very honest and doesn’t like to pretend. You may have strong feelings for a particular person or situation.

Seeing a rose with multiple petals in your dream can be a sign of beauty and diversity in your life. You may experience beautiful and various moments soon.

Seeing a rose with many petals in your dream can signify glory and prosperity. It can mean you will succeed and live comfortably and in wealth.

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