17 Rocks Dream Symbol & Interpretation

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Rocks Dream Meaning

Rocks in a dream symbolize the hardness and determination of a person. The characteristics of the stone signify a tough defense to stay firmly in position. Stone has a unique impression, and each chunk is always different from one another. Dreaming about rocks is not a general picture but can have a specific symbolism.

A rock also symbolizes the burden and strength that is difficult to subdue. The boulders carry messages about symbols of defense and barriers. It is the power of a strong person.

Every large building requires rocks as a foundation that supports it. It is the force that keeps the building to stay standing. If the foundation is broken, then the structure will wobble and crumble. Similar to dreams, stones also provide power or as a great resource. Small or large, rocks have the benefit of being a crutch.

Even so, rocks also symbolize a powerful barrier. To crush a rock requires a strong force. In a dream world, stones on the road represent obstacles you must eliminate with great effort.

Dream of seeing a big rock

It is not a good sign if you dream of seeing a big rock. This dream announces an unpleasant situation. It will most likely be an argument with your partner because you feel neglected.

Dream of breaking rocks

If you dream of breaking rocks, you will soon receive some of the good you deserve. Most likely, this is the success you will achieve at work. You will see that your efforts pay off. You will be thrilled and satisfied with the compliments from all parties.

If you fail to break the rock, it has terrible symbolism and indicates a disease that can occur. If you’ve ever had a dream like this, it’s better to go and check your health to ensure everything is fine.

Dream about pebbles

If you dream of pebbles, this shows that you have a position vulnerable to criticism. It would help if you had faith to stick with your choice. Small rocks also indicate complicated events and difficult situations.

Dream about river rocks

If you dream about river rocks, this signifies a happy situation based on strong feelings. This dream is related to your family or partner relationship with a solid foundation. Read more dream about a river.

Dream about broken rocks

When you see rock fragments, this dream signifies that you are pretending to be a complicated and unyielding human being. You tend to get confused when some people play with your feelings. It reveals that you remain vulnerable in certain aspects.

Dream of throwing rocks

If you dream of throwing rocks, it is a sign that you will make wrong judgments about people you do not know. You will likely form an opinion about the person based on your first impression and appearance. The person may have a bad reputation, so you will easily believe all these stories. However, as you get closer to that person, you will realize that these are all just prejudices and that the person is much different than you thought. After that, you will regret having misjudged the person.

When you throw a boulder, it is a sign that you will have to solve a complicated problem that has been oppressing you for a long time. This dream carries a message that you need to work hard to get out of your difficulties.

If you throw rocks at someone, you have found something you don’t like. On the other hand, if someone throws stones at you, this indicates that you will suffer setbacks in your endeavors. Maybe your income will decrease quite drastically. This symbol also shows obstacles that are blocking your path.

Dream of a rock split in two

When you see a rock split in two, this dream shows that something solid will end in destruction. This dream also indicates separation from people who are near you. It is the consequence of everything you have been through so far.

Dream about turning into rock

When you turn into rock, this dream shows that you may not be sensitive to the circumstances that befall you. However, you should not seek revenge for the damage they have done to you. You have to be strong to handle all situations without hurting other people.

If you dream that you have turned into rock, then it means that you have no freedom and a feeling that you cannot move from where you are. On the other hand, when you see other people turn to stone, it shows you that time is passing quickly and you should make better use of every moment.

Dream of carving stones

If you carve a stone in a dream, this indicates tremendous success. You have loyal people to support you. Without them, you feel like you’re not doing anything.

Dream of walking among the rocks

When you walk on a road full of gravel, this dream reflects that you need an unusual effort to realize your hopes. Maybe the problem will present itself, but you must deal with it. Whereas if you walk on gemstones, you are definitely on your way to the prosperity you desire.

If you dream of walking on a rock, this signifies that you will be in a rather dangerous situation and will not know how to get out of it.

Dream of carrying stones

When you dream that you are carrying stones, it is a sign that you have to resolve the circumstances holding you back and not allowing you to move forward. If you only take a rock, it indicates you may have a hostile attitude towards someone near you.

If you dream of carrying a bag filled with stones, this refers to the qualities and talents you must show others.

Dream of rocks falling from the hills

Rocks from mountains or hills rolling down indicate a change in feelings. You may lose faith in something because you feel disappointed that you have lost something.

Dream about hailstones

Dreaming of stones falling from the sky signifies that something will change your life quickly. If the rocks hurt you, this indicates a change in the wrong direction. It makes you need to be aware of many situations in the future.

Dream of a pile of rocks

When you see a pile of rocks, it signifies that you will get married soon or attend someone’s wedding. Overall, there were many beautiful and happy moments with family and close friends.

On the other hand, if you dream of rocks, you will soon be in a stable relationship. The relationship will quickly rise to a higher level. If you are alone, then you will meet someone, and you will soon get good news.

Dream of black stones

If you see a black stone, this indicates an idea or belief that constantly disturbs your peace. This dream also carries a message about death that might make you act more cautiously.

Dream of a rock in a cave

If you dream of a rock in a cave, then it is a sign that an inheritance awaits you in the future. Most likely, some distant relatives will leave a legacy. It will change your life completely. In addition, the stones in the cave indicate monetary or another material gain. This dream can mean that you will be lucky at work.

Dreams about rocks and water

When you dream of rocks and clear water, this indicates happiness. On the other hand, if you see cloudy water, this symbolizes failure and conflict around you. Read more dream of walking on water.

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