9 Robbery Dream Meaning & Interpretation

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Robbery Dream Meaning

The dream of a robbery becomes an unpleasant image. It is a scary dream and makes one wake up with anxiety. This symbol deserves more attention. Usually, it denotes significant challenges and difficulties.

Robbery in dreams comes as a feeling of fear that you face. Maybe you are afraid that someone will do evil to you. You may feel frightened and wary if the wrong person tries to snatch something from your hands. Everywhere, the act of robbery is always frightening for many people. It will also be a picture that makes you anxious when you see it in your sleep.

When you see a mugger in a dream, it can refer to a situation in real life where you feel uncomfortable and want to get rid of it. The dream meaning of robbery can also indicate that you don’t value something. This dream is a warning to show more gratitude for what you have.


A robbery in a dream may reflect fears of someone manipulating you. You may need more to do or obstacles to overcome to achieve your goal.

Dream of being a robber

When you dream of being a robber and other people are chasing you, this indicates that you are in a crisis at work. You can’t get out of the vicious circle. The dream also signifies that you have some problems that you cannot express, even if you want to.

Dream about a car robbery

When you are the victim of a stolen car, this dream signifies the disappointment you feel when someone comes and betrays your trust. In addition, there is a high probability that you will become a victim of an actual robbery. It would help if you were wary of the behavior of people you don’t know. Always be careful if you move on the streets. Read more dream about car.

Dream about a robbery case

Such a dream can show your true desires when facing a criminal act, including robbery. You may desire to acquire something, even though it may be illegal. This dream can also mean your determination to admit your mistakes and be punished.

On the other hand, it can mean doubt and a lack of trust in the people you know. You may feel that you cannot trust them, so you are careful around those people.

Dream about a robbery in someone’s house

When you see a robbery in the house of someone you know, this is a sign that bad news is coming. Something you don’t expect will come to someone you know. If the person is facing an unpleasant moment, you must provide support. Read more dream of an old house.


Dream about being robbed

Someone wants to hurt you when a robber forces you and makes you take out your wallet. It will leave you dumbfounded with feelings of emptiness and extreme vulnerability. These things will not benefit you.

Dream of surviving a robbery attempt

When you survive a robbery or someone saves you, such a dream can mean you want something because you think it will make you happy. It would help if you used all available means to achieve it. It can lead to more risky behavior because it causes problems. This dream can also be an announcement about a sudden incident to which you must respond quickly.

Dream of police chasing robbers

When you see the police chasing the robbers, this dream signifies your wrong attitude. You need to understand that it’s time to improve. It would help if you took action immediately because bad news will be very close. This dream also tells about a new opportunity to change before it’s too late. Read more dream of running from police.

Dream of a bank robbery

If you dream of a bank robbery, this shows you are looking for a balance between work and personal life. Even so, something other than what you plan may work better. Avoid getting caught in situations that are none of your business, and dedicate yourself only to solving your problems.

Dream of armed robbery

When a mugger points a gun at you, this signifies a fight. Certain situations don’t go well, which can lead to conflict. This symbol also says that someone you know is trying to trick you. Consequently, you will suffer losses, worsening your emotional state.

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