14 River Meaning In A Dream & Interpretation

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River Dream Meaning

To dream of a river represents emotional states according to water conditions. In a good sense, the river can mean your ability to take advantage of opportunities or try new things. It can represent the joys of life and the use of essential opportunities. Calm river water reflects the ease of life you live. Meanwhile, the river’s rushing water represents your life’s anxiety and shock.

A river with turbid water can bring bad events and uncertainty quickly. These dreams show obstacles you don’t expect when you carry out your plans. This picture sometimes indicates that you have to adapt to all changes.

Big waves in the river indicate you will be very overwhelmed, but this will not last long. Sometimes such a dream is a sign of illness or unpleasant events.


Dreaming of a calm river is generally a good sign and represents a good direction. It would help if you took a more assertive attitude and approach in life. A river with clear water represents fun and a period of rest from all kinds of busyness. It also signifies a desire to try new things on several occasions.

Dream of a long river

When you dream of a long and wide river, this shows the luck that will come. You might get some awards for the work you did well in the past.

Dream of walking into the river

If you dream that you are walking into a river, it can be a sign of new beginnings. There may be unexpected changes in your life that you can’t imagine.

Dream of a river with clear water

When you see a river where the water is calm and clear, this dream shows that everything is going well. It’s the satisfaction you feel right now. Enjoy happy moments and live happily like calm waters in a river. Sometimes this dream signifies that you will find new opportunities to increase your finances.

A calm and clear river portends pleasant times full of pleasures. There are new opportunities to improve your financial situation, even though you may have more than you think.

Dream of a dry river

When you see a dry river without water, this shows suffering that can change your life. Usually, this is related to financial problems. Now is the time to look for a loan to meet your needs.


A drying river portends misfortune and suffering. This dream signifies something that can upset you and shake up your life.

Dream of a river with murky water

When you see a river with murky water, that dream is always a bad sign. It can carry a message about the problematic situation you are facing. This dream often reveals your current emotional state. It’s also a sign of conflict that you suffer with several people and feels annoyed.

A dirty river in your dreams can show emotions about temporary problems or obstacles. You may have to face a very unpleasant problem for a while. A dream like this signifies that you will face a bad situation.

Dream of wavy river water

Dreaming of a river with big waves indicates that you have no control over your life. Maybe you feel annoyed for some reason. This symbol reflects your anger towards something. A river with rough waves shows your problems and the emotional turmoil in a relationship.

Dream of crossing the river

When you manage to cross the river, this is a sign of success. Conversely, if you feel overwhelmed to get to the end, this is a sign of difficulties you must overcome.

Dream of a river overflowing

If you dream of river water overflowing the land, this tells you about a problem you may encounter soon. Be careful with something you will engage in a moment. River water overflowing can also mean your readiness to face challenges and turmoil in life.


Dream of a frozen river

Freezing rivers can lead to losing interest in taking advantage of lucrative opportunities. When you dream of a frozen river, this reveals your personality and attitude so far. You may isolate yourself from society. Sometimes you may become indifferent about what is happening.

Dream of washing in the river

When you are washing something in the river, this brings good news. The act of cleansing in a dream always brings good clues. Cleaning in the river signifies that you can control your life and complete all tasks. You can organize your life the way you want.

Dream of trash in the river

When you dream of trash in the river, this is a sign of financial problems that you will soon encounter. Usually, this symbol indicates that you have done bad things so far. A river that is dirty and full of garbage is a sign that you need to get away from bad influences that poison your thinking and always do bad things.

A polluted river is a symbol that you feel tired. A dream like this can also indicate that you are sick.

Dream of swimming in a river

When you swim in a river, such a dream can signify that you really love someone or adore that person so much that you can’t think of anything else. You may not be able to do your basic tasks because you are obsessed with that person. This dream can remind you to start small and think about priorities in your life.

Dream of drowning in a river

When you dream of drowning in a river, it can mean good things in your life. There may be some situations that will give good results. It can make you happy and change your life for the better.

Dream of drinking river water

When you dream of drinking from a river, this expresses the inner peace you feel. This dream also expresses your satisfaction with the achievements so far. Read more dream of drinking water.

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