15 Rain Meaning In A Dream & Interpretation

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Rain Dream Meaning

Dreams about rain express strong feelings about something or someone. If it rains very heavily with strong winds, such a dream can portend disappointment and even feelings of depression. If the current situation is not what you want, you must be sure that the situation will improve soon.

Rain represents fertility and renewal. Even so, rain in a dream is also a symbol of sadness and despair. There may be situations you don’t expect, or you have a big problem that upsets you. You are in a bad mood and feel things are not going as you want them to.

Sometimes dreams about rain can reveal some problems at work or in your current relationship. Whatever the situation, the dream is a message to try to solve it. If thunder appears with rain, this dream can be a warning about behavior. Maybe you ignore other people’s feelings, and the dream asks you to change it.


Storms and heavy rains can indicate anger and conflict ahead of you. Light rain shows temporary discomfort or minor discomfort that passes quickly. It is also a sign related to behavior. You may tend to isolate yourself from other people. Sometimes it can be a sign of an inner conflict that you are suffering from. You may tend to withdraw from socializing and distance yourself from other people. It could result from increased stress and psychological problems you are suffering from.

Dream of seeing rain

If it rains as usual without thunder or storm, this symbolizes happiness and success in the future and makes it possible to start a successful business. If it rains along with thunder and lightning, this implies unforeseen conditions and events. Maybe you’re holding back and not allowing yourself to express the emotions you’re holding back. Sometimes this dream shows some of the challenges in front of you.

To dream of heavy rain also signifies that you will succeed in solving all the problems that will change your life for the better and make you happy. This dream can also mean an increase in salary at work.

If you see rain falling from inside the house, this symbolizes your protection from danger and ability to deal with your dire situation.

Dream of being in the rain

If you dream of being in the rain, you are not afraid to express your emotions. Sometimes this dream is a sign of stress that you have to deal with. It would help if you channeled your feelings appropriately.

That dream is a perfect sign when you are in the rain but not wet. Usually, this indicates recovery from a severe illness or good health. Luck is also waiting for you in the future related to your work. This symbol is a good sign that your hopes for the end will come true, and you will achieve what you want without too much effort.


When you are in the rain with someone, it shows that the person you are with is suffering from a problem and needs your help to overcome it.

Dream of a thunderstorm

When you dream of a rainstorm, this shows that you should not only rely on other people to get success. A thunderstorm is also a sign that you are justifying yourself by wrong actions and have hurt someone, even if you are unaware of it.

In addition, this symbol signifies an event that disappoints you. This dream can indicate future dissatisfaction and the release of repressed emotions.

Dream of rain with cold weather

It is a message about your behavior when you dream of being in a cold rain. This symbol conveys confidence in your abilities rather than always relying on others to complete tasks.

Dream of dancing in the rain

When you dream of dancing in the rain, this shows satisfaction and happiness. Sometimes it shows that you will thrive in your career or work.

Dream of drizzling rain

When you dream about drizzling rain, it warns about your health and reminds you to take care of your well-being. Sometimes it can be a sign that you will soon get sick. In addition, this dream is a reminder to deal with severe problems.


Dreaming of drizzling rain can also show that you are looking for an excuse to hurt someone accidentally.

Dream of walking in the rain

When you dream of walking in the rain, this carries a message about your behavior. Maybe you tend to rely on the help of others rather than your efforts. This dream invites you to learn independently and have the initiative you need.

In addition, this dream shows that you depend on luck, so it is difficult to overcome a situation when you only have to rely on your efforts to get things done.

If you walk in the rain under an umbrella, this indicates your good judgment. You will avoid some troubles and difficulties ahead.

Dream of rain and sun

When you dream of rain and sun simultaneously, it is a good sign. It denotes excitement and luck in the game of chance. In general, such a dream indicates a period of happiness and serenity.

Dream of rain and clouds

When you dream of seeing rain falling, and there are no clouds in the sky, this signifies a change in fate. The symbol comes as a sign of luck that will bring you happiness.

On the other hand, if you see rain falling and the sky is cloudy or dark clouds, that dream is a bad sign. This symbol symbolizes the disagreements and conflicts you may cause.

Dream of shelter from the rain

When it starts to rain, and you immediately take shelter or shelter from the rain under the roof, this indicates difficulties that you will face in the future. For that, this dream carries a message that you must prepare to face it on time.

In addition, the symbol signifies that someone makes you jealous or someone you do not know will prevent you from achieving your expectations. Even so, this dream also shows that you will meet someone who will help you solve current problems.

Dreams drenched in the rain

When you feel happy in the rain, it portends beautiful changes, happiness, and success. On the other hand, if you feel uncomfortable, this is a sign of misfortune and trouble. You’re better off putting off plans and getting to work until a more favorable time arrives.

Dreaming of being drenched in the rain with an uneasy feeling is also a sign of a disease slowly approaching. Sometimes it indicates the loss of something vital to you.

That dream is a good sign if you see someone else getting soaked in the rain. It usually indicates that you have friends you can trust.

If only your hair were wet because of the rain, this dream shows a fun time with friends. So don’t turn down an invitation to a party even if you don’t like the event.

Dream of rain and rainbow

If you dream of rain and rainbows, this brings a message about luck and happiness. This symbol reveals the fix of fate that awaits you soon. This dream shows good changes in your life.

Dream of rain with strong winds

When you dream of rain and strong winds, it is a reminder to change your behavior. Maybe you tend to overreact. Perhaps you worry about the little things and put too much pressure on yourself for no reason. This dream also asks you to change something in your behavior due to stress for no reason.

This symbol tells you not to worry about unimportant things, which can make you angry for no reason. You may be going through a tough time when you’re trying to do a lot in a short time, and you don’t realize that stress will make you that way.

This dream is a message to rest and calm down. Getting caught in heavy rain with strong winds indicates frustration and dissatisfaction with the current situation or financial losses.

Dream of a raincoat

When you dream about a raincoat, it is a good hunch. Usually, this symbolizes your ability to protect yourself from bad things. This dream indicates your ability to handle your emotions in a calm way and without much disturbance.

If you dream of wearing a raincoat when it’s not raining, this shows that you are always ready for all kinds of challenging conditions. A raincoat in a dream can also describe your fear of bad things or symbolize pessimism.

Dream of rain with dirty water

If you see dirty rainwater, this dream signifies that someone who doesn’t like you will try to slander you. This symbol shows that you must be careful in all your actions because your enemies will damage your reputation. Read more water in a dream.

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