8 Prison Meaning Jail In Dreams & Interpretation

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Prison Dream Meaning

Dreams about prison carry various interpretations. In general, prison represents a constraint that limits freedom. Dreams about being in prison can indicate pressures in life.

Prison in a dream symbolizes the loss of freedom and restraint. You are under constant pressure, and something is unfortunate. The inmates you meet in prison often refer to your personality that you cannot express. However, if you have just visited someone in prison or been in prison, this dream has no meaning but only shows some events in real life.


The prison symbol is closely related to the situation in the real world. It reflects uncomfortable and stressful conditions that cause stress. It also represents situations in family life, work, or other social circles. Such a dream shows that you feel that you do not have freedom in many ways.

Prison also reflects a part of the personality that is closed. A person may want others not to interfere in privacy matters. So prison signifies self-limitation to make others unable to see further. Many dreams about prison represent many things related to the events in your sleep. One may dream of being in prison or being released from prison.

Dream of seeing a prison

It’s a warning sign if you see a prison in a dream. Such a dream says that you must be careful about things related to your job or make decisions, especially if you want to make a risky move. Be cautious in all things when you deal with other people. Try to get as much information as possible about your business partner.

Dreaming of seeing a prison is an announcement for you to be careful at work. You should not engage in risky business as you may be arrested and punished.

Dream of being a prisoner in prison

It is related to the emotional aspect when you dream of being arrested and imprisoned. This dream of being in prison signifies that you are under pressure. Routine often makes things dull and doesn’t make you feel any better. Now is the time to make a change. This dream gives an idea of the frustration you feel, and you are unsure how to improve the situation.

If you dream of being in prison, it signifies that you are trapped in real life. You may feel trapped in an emotional connection and have no freedom. This lack of space also applies to work or other environments.


The dream of being in prison also shows that other people control you. The people closest to you may do something that limits your range of motion. Most likely, you find it difficult to let go of the past, and the memories continue to haunt you. Therefore, if you dream of being in prison, it is better if you face things from the past that bother you.

Dream of being sentenced to jail

When you get a prison sentence, this dream signifies that you feel very guilty about something you have done. It doesn’t have to be something you’ve done to someone else but something terrible for you. It’s certainly not to your liking.

This dream shows that you regret doing something. At the same time, the dream indicates that you must face the consequences of your actions. If you act on time, you can prevent yourself from regretting something later. You must be brave enough to face the consequences if you have done something.

Dream of someone going to jail

When you dream that other people are in prison, it signifies that there are aspects of your personality that you cannot express for any reason. Think about what the person was like in prison and how they behaved.

To dream that someone you know is in prison signifies that you care too much about that person. Maybe you will fight with someone you love and get hurt.

Meanwhile, if you dream about your friend being in prison, this carries the meaning that you will have financial problems in the future. You will suffer financial losses, and it will be challenging to return and be financially stable.


If a stranger is in prison, the dream is a sign that justice and truth will prevail. Have a little patience, and you will see that everything will happen.

Dream of family in prison

If you dream that your brother or sister is in prison, it is a sign that someone is gossiping about your family and reporting bad things behind your back.

When you dream about your parents in prison, this is an unpleasant experience. This dream can mean that your loved ones need your help. They may feel that you are no longer paying attention to them. Think about the last time you spent with the people closest to you.

This dream also says that your family will soon get humiliation or shame. It’s about your family’s reputation. You must do your best to remain dignified and robust.

On the other hand, if your parents are out of jail, it’s a sign that you should ignore the person who insulted you because that hurt that person the most. Do not challenge or retaliate for the act.

Dream of being free from prison

When you dream of being free from prison, it is a sign that you will finally have freedom. This symbol says you will complete the difficult work you are currently working on.

This dream can also mean that you will reach the end of the journey in your life. It also symbolizes that you will end a toxic relationship, leaving behind an unpleasant and stressful environment. This symbol reflects the feeling of freedom and relief after completing something very challenging.

Whether you dream of being released from prison is a sign that you want to change something. You are not satisfied with the current situation and want some changes. This dream also signifies that you can overcome all obstacles and achieve your goals.

Dreaming of being released from prison also signifies that you will soon leave old and boring habits. It will change your view of things and realize the truth.

Dream of food in prison

If you dream of eating food in prison, it is a sign that you will face more significant financial problems. That’s why this dream reminds you to start saving a little so you don’t run out of anything.

Dream about a warden

If you saw a prison warden, this dream can be pretty disturbing. The image of a warden symbolizes a threat. It stems from your fear of the possible consequences of your actions. This symbol is a reminder of the mistakes you have made.

The dream of a warden shows that you are taking risky action. Even so, you’re not sure if it’s the right thing to do. It is usually a decision that involves a particular risk of harm to others. You have to be very careful and rethink your plans. This dream warns you to make decisions with your own hands and not to let other people control your life.

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