11 Pigeon Meaning In A Dream & Interpretation

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Pigeon Dream Meaning

Dreaming of pigeons represents freedom and peace. The dove is also a symbol of freedom of speech. In general, the presence of pigeons in dreams brings good things.

Pigeons are widespread birds and live with humans. This bird’s favorite food is dry corn. This bird comes in several colors. Pigeons can also be tame and make good pets for some people. Meanwhile, many people release doves to fly freely and live in city parks.

When the pigeon lands somewhere, this is a sign that you are lucky and money will come soon. Even so, dream interpretation also depends on your current situation. If the dream makes you uncomfortable, then this can turn into a bad sign. The dove in your dream conveys that you must take the right action.

Dream of a pigeon pecking you

When the dove attacked you, this dream brought terrible news. Someone will spread false rumors about you. It also relates to your finances and the investments you have made in recent days.

Dream of a dead pigeon

A dead pigeon in a dream denotes resignation. It confirms what you have known for some time. If you are in a relationship, then this will not pay off. Apart from that, a dead pigeon also indicates that you lack a good emotional balance. It will cause a lot of problems.

Dream of flying pigeons

It’s a clear symbol of how you feel. It could be a sign of boredom that you are feeling. Flying pigeons convey that you want to feel calm and peaceful within yourself. This dream brings a good sign that everything is going as it should.

If you dream about flying doves, it can signify your free style of expression and life. At this time, you should enjoy freedom and not like pressure. This dream symbolizes the peace you feel. Read more flying in a dream.

Dream of pigeon droppings

When you see pigeon droppings, this dream shows good luck. In a short time, you may receive good news. For many people, such a dream portends wealth.

Dream of holding a pigeon

When you hold a pigeon, such a dream can show your tendency to get good things. You can try it and enjoy it. If a dove lands on your body, it shows that you have complete trust in your partner and vice versa.

Dream of pigeons at home

When a pigeon flies into your house, this means that there are changes that you have to postpone. Similarly, it can represent a journey that you are about to take. This dream also shows that someone will come to your house.

Dream of colorful pigeon

In general, the most common colors of doves are white, black, blue, and gray. Some colors have their meaning.

Dream of a red pigeon

The pigeon in red symbolizes disaster. Therefore, this is a bad omen. You need to fix and prevent the problem from continuing, so you can live a calmer life.

Dream of a black pigeon

Dreaming of a black pigeon does not bring a good sign. This dream reveals that times of sadness will come. This symbol is also related to hopelessness in your life. Things will change soon, and not for the better. When a black dove approaches you, it is an announcement of death.

Dream about a gray pigeon

If you see a gray pigeon, this dream signifies that you have mixed feelings. You are at a crossroads and must understand who you are and your life’s purpose. Likewise, you are still determining your life’s journey. You have to dare to make new moves to find more surprises.

Dream of a white dove

If you see a white dove, it means you are at peace with yourself. Everything is going well in your relationship with others. A white dove in a dream indicates that nothing can disturb your inner peace.

Dream of an injured pigeon

If you see a wounded pigeon, this dream shows tragic things. Important news is coming, but it will be unpleasant. You better prepare yourself well to be strong because what awaits you will not be easy to accept.

Dream of feeding pigeons

When you feed the pigeons, this indicates that you are nurturing what you deserve to grow. Like the dove symbolism, you want peace and to free yourself from destructive thoughts.

Besides that, this dream also shows that you are trying to improve your relationship with someone. It makes you need to understand the situation to solve all misunderstandings quickly.

Dream of killing pigeons

If you kill a pigeon, this indicates the frustration you are suffering from. You are the only one responsible for failure because you cannot realize your goals. It’s time to stop blaming others and find fault with your actions.

Dream of catching pigeons

When you dream of catching pigeons, this most likely indicates that your partner will show concern for you soon. If you see a dove, this is a sign of marriage because you have met your soul mate. If you fail to notice a dove, that dream symbolizes disappointment. The difference in character may separate you from your partner.

Besides, if you catch and release a pigeon, such a dream represents your tendency to believe and spread rumors yourself. You may enjoy hearing about other people, even if you are involved in gossip that could prove fatal.

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