13 Pig Dream Meaning & Interpretation

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Pig Dream Meaning

Pigs in dreams can carry different messages. The feelings you have in a dream are critical, along with the events accompanying the pig’s appearance. A pig in a dream can be a symbol of well-being. It also signifies love, care, and knowledge.

In a different meaning, dreams about pigs symbolize stupidity and excessive greed. It also shows a picture of someone or something else related to where you live. Although sometimes the pig carries a message of wisdom, this animal symbolizes stubbornness and stupidity. Even these animals can not distinguish between dirty and clean.

Dreaming about pigs also symbolizes the wrong idea about something you believe. It does not match the facts. While stubbornness makes you continue to hold on to the wrong opinion. This symbol tells you that you don’t love yourself as much as you should.


Pigs also carry a message of change. Healthy pigs can mean good business changes—the more pigs in your dream, the higher your income. At the same time, a lean pig is not a good sign and can indicate misunderstanding. If the pig in your dream looks unhealthy, this dream shows a problem at work, which you will solve quickly with the help of colleagues.

Dream of seeing a pig

When you dream of a healthy and well-fed pig, this is a perfect symbol. This dream indicates that you will soon face favorable changes regarding some current businesses. You may also have lucrative opportunities and offers for a new job or additional income.

On the other hand, a malnourished and unhealthy pig is not a good sign. This dream signifies that you will soon experience disappointment in business or finance. This dream can also suggest you will face quarrels and conflicts with coworkers. In addition, this dream also signifies that you have family problems.

Dream about piglets

Dreaming of piglets can indicate something new, maybe a new relationship or business venture, the success you expect. It’s a sudden opportunity to start a profitable business. You have to make the right decision at the right time. It also means that your finances will improve soon, and you may become better at making money.

Dream of raising piglets

When you have piglets to raise, this is a good sign. This dream announces happiness and satisfaction with your current life. The symbol says that you have accepted a new obligation or are enjoying life. When you feed pigs in a dream, this is an indication of general well-being and success. If you provide the pig directly by hand, this dream signifies that you can achieve success without anyone’s help.

Dream of slaughtering a pig

When you dream of slaughtering a pig, this signifies that you are undergoing significant changes and transformations. This dream shows that you are ready to leave bad things. Now is the time to move forward and welcome the future.


Dreaming of slaughtering a pig and cutting it can also show curiosity about what awaits you in the future.

It is an excellent sign to kill a pig in a dream and eat it. It shows that you will have some profitable transactions that can increase your finances significantly.

Dream about the sound of a pig

If a pig snorts in your dream, this will announce terrible news that will cause sadness and regret. The information may come from some friends, relatives, or acquaintances who live far away from you.

Dream of being bitten by a pig

A pig biting your arm signifies some troubles and minor conflicts. A dream like this can also tell your efforts to save money. It would help if you secured a secure financial future for yourself and your dependents.

Dream of a wandering pig

A dream like this can be a warning sign. You should take care of your behavior towards others and treat them more respectfully. Your careless behavior can offend someone, which can cause problems for you.

Dream about a pig’s head

When you see a pig’s head on a plate, clean and bloodless, such a dream means you have to finish something you started at work or in your personal life. Pig’s head also means an influential ally who will help you deal with financial problems.


When you dream of chopping off a pig’s head, this signifies that you must be prepared to face danger shortly and avoid some risky situations. If the pig’s head is covered in blood, this dream can signal disappointment and failure in your plans. In addition, the pig’s head is not bloody but dirty, and this dream is a sign that you will not be able to avoid gossip and provocation.

Dream of a herd of pigs

When you dream of seeing several pigs in a herd, usually, it is a warning. This dream shows your reputation related to the mistakes you made. You may misbehave in a situation. It will cause you to lose the respect of those around you.

Dream of a pig in the forest

It is not a good sign if you dream of a pig appearing before you. This dream signifies terrible luck will befall you. This sign that you will soon face unpleasant events or bad times, failures, and disappointments.

Dream of selling pigs

When you sell a pig in a dream, this is a sign that you will get everything you want. You must be persistent and work hard to take advantage of some opportunities that will soon arise. Also, you have to be careful to take advantage of this opportunity because chances are you won’t get a second chance.

If you sell a pig to someone, such a dream also symbolizes that you will get something you have always wanted. The only thing is that you need to spend more time.

Dream of a dirty pig

When you dream of a dirty pig, this is not a good sign. This dream can announce someone’s death or a situation where someone will die. It also symbolizes someone very close to you or a family member suffering from misfortune.

A dirty pig in a dream signifies that some of your close relationships are less than honest. You may begin to feel that you are not valued and will be treated harshly.

Dream of a running pig

If you dream of a pig running, this is an announcement of some changes that are following you. You will have a more harmonious relationship with your family in the next period. Family is number one, and this dream is a gift from God.

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