8 Old Woman Dream Meaning & Interpretation

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Old Woman Dream Meaning

Dreams about an older woman are usually a good sign. It symbolizes that you must pay more attention to your emotions and feelings. The dream can also indicate repressed emotions and a desire to seek spiritual guidance. It would help if you had advice for dealing with specific situations.

Meanwhile, older women in shabby clothes can carry worry, deceit, and sadness messages. In a dream, the symbol of an ugly-looking older woman conjures images of weakness and helplessness. An unknown older woman can be a bad sign, heralding trouble and causing heartache.

The dream of seeing an older woman who is mean to you can indicate evil deeds by someone to damage your reputation. Someone might make some nasty gossip about you. It will develop and make your reputation destroyed. The older woman who looks like a witch also leads to the formation of people’s wrong opinions about you without them first analyzing the truth.


The interpretation of dreams about older women will depend on what you saw and felt in the dream. This dream also has a more substantial meaning if you see an unfamiliar older woman. Various kinds of interpretations will appear following the direction of your dream.

Dream of seeing an older woman with a sour face

When you see an older woman with an ugly and scary face in your dreams, this indicates a problem that awaits you in the future. This problem may be related to a situation from the past that has suddenly resurfaced. It can have terrible consequences for your life.

Seeing many older adults with the torn appearance or clothes can show that you are prone to deception. This dream encourages you to reflect and analyze your attitudes and actions and whether what you have done so far is decent enough. Are you being too kind to people who want yours?

This symbol also requires you to take precautions against bad people around you. They may be taking advantage of you. Maybe you’ve made a mistake, and those people feel a grudge against you. Even so, they seem nice to you as a mask to disguise themselves.

Dream about an older woman sick

When you see an unknown older woman sick in your dream, this does not bring good news. This symbol carries a message about severe illness and even death. You have to be aware of what’s happening around you. Read more dream about illness.

Dream of an older woman covering her face

When you see an older woman covering her face, this indicates that you will soon face some problems. Maybe you never realized something went wrong. On the one hand, you are aware of the problem but ignore it.


Dream of an angry old woman

Seeing an older woman angry or misbehaving symbolizes terrible news that you will soon hear. This symbol also says that you will get disturbed and lose your authority. It makes you feel that people don’t appreciate you.

Dream of talking to an old woman

The meaning of this dream will depend on what you are talking about. But if you don’t remember the conversation at all, then this shows that you get the respect of other people. This interpretation will apply if you feel okay in your dream. This dream also shows progress and a happy married life.

Dream of an older woman without clothes

When you dream of an older woman without clothes, this symbolizes betrayal or scandal. You will see how someone’s secret will surface, which will be shocking news. Read more dream about clothes.

Dream about an older woman in your house

When an older woman visits your house, this indicates that you will get business success. That dream is a good sign that shows that you have the opportunity to achieve success.

On the other hand, if the older woman misbehaves in your house, that is not a good sign, but it signifies losses that you will suffer. This dream also symbolizes that you will fail. Read more dream about an old house.

Dream of getting acquainted with an old woman

When you meet an older woman, this dream indicates that the plan you are working on will not work. Even the meaning of this dream will become more vital if you have a more intimate relationship with the woman in the dream.

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