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Why Do Nightmares Come?

Why Do Nightmares Come?

Nightmares cause an uncomfortable emotional response in a person. Usually, this is in the form of fear, horror, or anxiety. It usually occurs because of a psychological problem in someone.

A person who is in fever can have nightmares. Psychologically, these nightmares are usually present in people suffering from trauma or stress. In traumatic cases, these frightening images can return to haunt you in hell. A person who sees a bad dream can wake up in the middle of the night feeling restless and find it difficult to get back to sleep.

Nightmares can happen to anyone. It is a regular thing. However, if bad dreams continue to occur continuously, then we need to find out the meaning of the dream. In some people, these nightmares can be objective and continue to happen.

These recurring dreams are usually triggered by various situations and problems that still occur continuously or have not been resolved. Usually, this indicates a person’s weakness, fear, or inability to cope with existing problems. Some of the following ways you can do to reduce nightmares:

  1. Do not eat before bed because it can trigger an increase in body metabolism and brain activity.
  2. The sleeping position to the left can compress the chest cavity so that the heart movement is limited.
  3. Try to relax your body and mind before going to bed. You can use aromatherapy which can make you feel more relaxed.
  4. Physical activities such as sports can make your body tired so that you can sleep well.
  5. Look within yourself and confront what you find.
  6. You must be able to see the dream objectively. Try to get past the emotional elements depicted in your imagination.
  7. Invite friends, family, or a counselor to analyze your nightmares. It can help you devise a solution for several problems, internal conflicts, and personal problems.
  8. Recording your dreams every morning can help you remember them so that it is easier for you to analyze them.