15 Lizard Symbol In A Dream & Interpretation

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Lizard Dream Meaning

Lizards are reptiles that are spread all over the world. Although many species pose a threat to humans, lizards are generally harmless creatures that flee as soon as they sense potential danger.

These reptiles do not often appear in everyone’s dreams. Lizards in dreams usually symbolize worries and problems that await you, but this can also indicate that you will be very angry with someone. Sometimes a lizard in a dream is a symbol of jealousy. You need to consider all the details and circumstances of your dream, to get its interpretation correctly.

The lizard represents deception, betrayal, and cunning. Usually, this also symbolizes terrible things in the dream world. This animal symbolizes a threat from something or someone. It’s possible that people you can’t trust are around you, and they could potentially harm you. These dreams are often a warning about potential betrayal. This symbol asks you to think twice about who you can trust.


Dream of seeing a lizard

If you dream of seeing a lizard, it is a sign that you will soon move somewhere. Maybe you move a lot to find better living conditions, but it tires you out. You want to live in one place and start a family.

Perhaps you are planning to change the direction of your life and start thinking about some new opportunities you can pursue. Or also, you are fed up with your daily routine and plan to change it. This dream also means that you will soon change jobs. In this case, you will likely get a better position with a higher salary.

Dream of a lizard changing color

If you dream of a lizard changing color, then the dream reminds you to be more careful in the future. You should pay more attention to who you hang out with in the future because not everyone does well. It is especially true for the business environment and the people you work with.

Dream of a walking lizard

When you dream of lizards crawling, it is not a good sign. Usually, this shows sneaky people around you, and you shouldn’t trust them. The dream warns of possible attempts at betrayal and deception by someone close to you.

If a lizard walks over your body, this is often a sign of a challenge that awaits you soon. Maybe you will soon face some difficulties and challenges that can trouble you. This dream can also indicate financial challenges that can endanger your daily life.

Dream of a black lizard

If you dream about black lizards, it is a sign that you are in a rather difficult life situation and don’t know what to do to solve the problem.


Dream of a green lizard

If the lizard is green in a dream, it signifies a minor problem you will face in the future, but fortunately, you can solve it very quickly.

Dream of a colorful lizard

Dreaming of colorful lizards shows your anxiety and fear that you will lose your job. Your position at work is insecure, and you fear every day about what might happen and whether you could lose your job.

Dream of a dead lizard

If you dream of a dead lizard, it has sound symbolism. You will be able to solve all the worries and problems that bother you and come out of the whole situation a winner.

Dream of killing a lizard

It is a good sign if you dream of killing a lizard. It means that all your worries are temporary, and you will be able to get out of the problematic situation that befell you quickly. This dream tells you that there is no reason to worry about anything.

When you dream of killing a lizard, this often indicates victory over your enemy after much effort. In addition, this image also symbolizes the challenges that you overcome through tough resistance.

Dream of a wounded lizard

If you dream of a wounded lizard, it does not have sound symbolism. It means that you will have a terrible relationship with your friend. You are in a bad mood because of such a relationship. If you need help, get it from someone you trust.


Dream of a giant lizard

When you dream of a giant lizard, this is a warning symbol. Maybe you will soon find someone who can be a threat. It warns about the people you will meet in the future and their ill intentions.

Dream of eating lizard meat

If you dream of eating lizard meat, this is a perfect sign. This dream indicates good luck and happiness or some good things soon.

Dream of keeping lizards

If you dream of having a lizard, this signifies that you will renovate your residence and buy new furniture. You will end up decorating the house the way you want it, which is how you always imagined.

Dream of lizards entering your body

When you dream of a lizard entering your body, this shows that someone may be trying to gain your trust and take advantage of you. It is often a sign of threats by your rivals at work or in your personal life when you have conflicts with them.

Dream of catching a lizard

When you dream of trying to catch a lizard and fail, this is a sign of a love disappointment that you will soon suffer. Maybe things don’t go how you imagined with the person you’re interested in. This dream can warn you that the person you are romantically interested in is not what you expected.

If you managed to catch a lizard in your dream, this is related to intuition. This dream often indicates the end of a difficult period and the beginning of a happy period. The symbol is a sign of renewal as a truly changed person.

Dream of a lizard biting you

A lizard attacks or bites you is usually a bad sign. This dream is often a sign of a possible attack on you by someone you consider close. Maybe someone you trust to be your friend will try to stop you from achieving something you think is very important.

This dream also signifies betrayal by someone close to you. If the lizard attacks you very aggressively, this dream can mean that you have some dangerous enemies you are unaware of.

Also, a lizard’s bite is a sign of financial difficulties that you will suffer soon, but fortunately, it is only for the short term. This dream reminds you to be patient until the challenge passes. It’s also a warning to start saving efficiently to get through this period.

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