11 Laughing Dream Meaning & Interpretation

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Laughing Dream Meaning

Dreams about laughing or hearing someone’s laughter can bring good signs. It symbolizes that you will have high achievements in the future. It could include education, work, or other businesses. This dream carries a message about success in all endeavors with friends who support you.

Everyone must have laughed. Even babies can laugh when they start observing their surroundings. So there’s nothing strange about this dream. Maybe you see something funny in a dream that makes you laugh. Even you also still feel the laughter that makes you wake up laughing. It’s the natural pleasure you feel in dreams to the conscious mind. Likewise, if you dream about something sad, you may cry, which will also flow from your eyes when you wake up.

You may be currently feeling the pressure. The frustration that you hold back makes you want to find a way out. As a result, you can have something you find interesting about. Dreams about laughing out loud show that you must relax and forget about your problems because you can’t push yourself too hard.


Laughing in a dream can be a sign of enjoyment and happiness though it also carries a message of worry. Sometimes it can mean a way to relax your mind. You may have heard that something that can make you laugh will give you relief. When you feel sad or stressed, you need relaxation. Something funny can make you laugh out loud.

Dream about laughing

If you laugh at something, this can indicate that you are carrying anger within you. Maybe you are in a bad mood right now. It also reflects your fear of something. For that, you need to make your mind calmer.

Meanwhile, when you dream of just laughing for no apparent reason, this indicates that you will show your knowledge and talent in dealing with specific situations.

Dream of laughing at someone

When you dream of laughing at someone, this indicates that you will hurt one of your friends for selfish reasons. In addition, this image can also describe illness or poor business growth. You may suffer some losses, and this bothers you. That’s why you must first relax your mind. You need to think deeply if you want to fix things.

Dream about someone laughing

When you dream of seeing other people laughing, you must try to find pleasure in the future. You may have a commitment that is so heavy, and this makes you stressed. For that, you need to make your mind calmer.

On the other hand, if you dream that someone is laughing at you, this is an announcement about the end of a friendship. This dream can also be a sign that you feel scared and uncomfortable when you are with other people.


Dream of hearing someone’s laughter

When you dream of hearing someone laugh, this indicates that you are worried that other people will insult you. Maybe events in the past have always been the topic of conversation for other people, which makes you feel ashamed. Besides, you might not like it when other people mock and laugh at you. It makes you feel depressed and want to get away from these people.

Meanwhile, if you see many people laughing, this shows that someone cannot accept you. You may have failed to carry out the task. The dream can also signify the possibility of manipulation.

Dream of laughing with other people

If you dream of laughing with people, this symbolizes your emotions towards something. Enjoying jokes and laughing with other people also indicates something that you miss. You may be looking for peace rather than having to think about the burden on your shoulders. Meanwhile, if you dream of laughing with friends, this can show fun moments ahead.

Dream of a madman laughing

You may not be able to guess what crazy people are thinking. Sometimes crazy people can feel angry, talk to themselves, cry, or laugh. Meanwhile, if you hear the laughter of a madman in a dream, this indicates that you don’t get along well with the people around you. It makes you need to strengthen your relationships with other people.

Dream about children’s laughter

When you see children laughing, this dream can symbolize good health. Besides that, children laughing in a dream also signify happiness. Dreams about children’s laughter are always a good sign. Read more dream about children.


Dream about the sound of laughter

You must be careful to avoid great danger when you hear laughing but don’t know who is laughing or hearing it. You may be walking a risk, which requires a vigilance attitude. Try to pray first before starting the activity.

Dream about making other people laugh

Making other people laugh in a dream indicates a misunderstanding with someone close to you. It would help if you spoke more appropriately to express your thoughts. This dream is also a sign that you shouldn’t be selfish.

Dream of laughing in inappropriate situations

When you dream of laughing in an inappropriate situation, this doesn’t bring a good sign. This picture shows disappointment and a lack of harmony in your life. Of course, this will produce conflict, both internal and external.

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