11 Knife Dream Meaning & Interpretation

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Knife Dream Meaning

A knife is an object that can do both harm and help. Therefore, dreams about knives have many meanings. In general, dreams about knives can reveal both good and bad things. Knives are objects that are dual and useful for various purposes.

A knife in a dream can symbolize different things. Usually, a knife represents betrayal. If you see a knife, it can be a good warning sign to pay more attention to what is happening around you. Watch for anyone acting suspiciously.

Dreams about knives can also symbolize lies and deception. It shows that you are lying to others, but not for some lousy reason. You have to lie to someone to save yourself from danger.

In general, a knife in a dream can also symbolize that you would be better off telling the truth. However, you are more likely to lie, which can hurt others and cause harm. Therefore, you must think carefully before deciding to say something to someone because knives can injure you.

Dream of a knife on the table

When you see a knife on the table, it is a sign that you are afraid of new friendships. You may have been seriously injured in the past, which is why you no longer trust anyone.

Dream about a big knife

This dream signifies a big lie around you when you see a big knife. You may have to tell this lie to save someone you care about from something terrible. The bigger the blade, the more complicated the situation you will be in. It signifies something unpleasant, which will end badly for you. It can also make you reconsider and tell the truth, however distasteful it may be. This dream can be a helpful guide.

Dream of a small knife

When you dream of a tiny knife, this dream symbolizes a fight that you will soon experience. You will likely argue with your partner, family member, close friend, or other people close to you, but their views differ significantly from yours.

Dream about a pocket knife

When you dream about a folding knife, this reflects your open personality. You will never let others manipulate you. It means that you will always speak your mind, regardless if other people like what you say. This dream reminds you of these characteristics and makes you realize what is good and is not.

At certain times, the attitude you show seems dangerous to others. It’s possible that you accidentally hurt someone you care about. A pocket knife is a symbol of temperament and carelessness.

Dream of a rusty knife

When you dream about a rusty knife, this is a bad sign. This dream shows that your physical health will be in danger or your emotional state will deteriorate. This picture shows that you should take better care of yourself. Take care of your health and avoid despairing if the distraction is emotional.

Dream of losing a knife

When you dream of losing a knife, it is a sign that you will be surprised when you meet someone you don’t expect. You’ve probably been planning to tell yourself everything you can think of for a long time. Maybe you will also hear some shocking things.

Dream of stabbing someone with a knife

It can be very unpleasant and scary when you dream of stabbing someone with a knife. However, this dream shows that you will fight with one of your friends at work.

Dream of a bloody knife

When you dream about a bloody knife, this symbolizes disagreement and conflict. A bloody knife always represents confrontation and strife. It indicates that you may be hurt. A bloody knife in a dream also implies that someone will hurt you. It’s a dream that represents betrayal and disappointment in relationships.

Dream of holding a knife

When you dream of holding a knife, it shows that you have many problems in your real life, so you don’t know what to do. Most likely, the problem is related to the relationship you have. This dream may make you uncomfortable because it makes you reconsider your meaningful relationship with someone. It makes you doubt what you want out of such a relationship.

You may want to stop communicating with someone because the relationship no longer suits you. The person may have changed a lot, and you no longer see why you should be in a relationship. You think that it is better to break off a poor-quality relationship.

This dream also means that you feel angry with some people around you. It irritates you with them for some reason. Sometimes you want to be aggressive with them. In this case, you should pause and reconsider what is bothering you. Don’t let other people influence your life. If you dream of holding a knife, try to be patient and notice that not everything is terrible.

On the other hand, seeing someone holding a knife indicates that you feel threatened or as if you are losing control of your life. You feel helpless that other people get in the way of your actions.

Dream of finding a knife

When you dream of finding a knife, this signifies good news. This image symbolizes that you will hear unexpected news. It’s possible that you feel great at something you never thought about. It is a symbol of valuable skills and talents. When you get a knife, it signifies that you will experience a pleasant surprise.

Dream of cutting something with a knife

This symbolism depends on whether the knife in your dream is sharp or blunt. If you dream of cutting something with a sharp knife, it warns you to be more careful when working. This symbol can also mean that you are ready to leave the past and change your mind. But if you dream of cutting something with a blunt knife, it means that bad energy is around you.

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