Dream Meaning Of Stomach Pain

Illness Dream Meaning

Everyone must have had dreams in their sleep. Through Dream Meaning Of Stomach Pain, God also gives instructions to the people. Dreams have a certain meaning but we also have to remember about our faith.

Genesis 40:8; We had dreams," they said to him, "but there is no one to interpret them." Then Joseph said to them, "Don’t interpretations belong to God? Tell me your dreams."


Dreams provide a valuable lesson for people to be able to interpret it as an announcement of justice from God. Dream Meaning Of Stomach Pain will provide an explanation regarding your life. This symbol gives understanding to be more aware of what you will face. Pray always to god and ask for protection. This will give you stronger faith to face challenges in the world.

Dreams about being sick represent the feelings of pressure you feel. It also signifies feelings of anger, hatred, and rejection that you have to suffer. This symbol also shakes your life and makes you feel inferior. It can also be a feeling you feel at a time in your life. You need to understand it and get rid of this feeling.

Illness in a dream also could reflect conflicts and bad memories. It shows that you cannot find the strength to overcome difficulties. Sometimes dreams about disease warn you that your health is in danger. Meanwhile, you feel exhausted with all the routines you live in. If you are currently sick, this dream reflects how your body feels. You need to go to the doctor and have it checked.

Sometimes dreams about illness can also reflect how you feel about other people. It is possible that someone is feeling sick and needs your attention. Sometimes dreams about the disease can also mean your need for protection and fear of facing death.… Read more