11 Illness Dream Meaning Sick Interpretation

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Illness Dream Meaning

Dreams about being sick represent the feelings of pressure you feel. It also signifies feelings of anger, hatred, and rejection that you have to suffer. This symbol also shakes your life and makes you feel inferior. It can also be a feeling you feel at a time in your life. You need to understand it and get rid of this feeling.

Illness in a dream also could reflect conflicts and bad memories. It shows that you cannot find the strength to overcome difficulties. Sometimes dreams about disease warn you that your health is in danger. Meanwhile, you feel exhausted with all the routines you live in. If you are currently sick, this dream reflects how your body feels. You need to go to the doctor and have it checked.

Sometimes dreams about illness can also reflect how you feel about other people. It is possible that someone is feeling sick and needs your attention. Sometimes dreams about the disease can also mean your need for protection and fear of facing death.


Pain in dreams makes you need to consider whether you are carrying feelings of depression or guilt. Maybe this situation is what gives you a mental burden. It will also develop and cause your body to feel sick. Dreams about illness can also be a warning to be wary of temptation. Several disturbances will be present, and this dream warns about the dangers threatening your health.

Dream about being sick

When you feel sick in a dream, it can be a message that you must take care of yourself and your health. Maybe lately you’ve been too tired due to tiring activities. This dream is a message that you must rest and care for yourself.

Besides that, the dream of feeling sick also shows that you will face deception, despair, and emotional disturbances. It also symbolizes changes that don’t make you feel happy. Illness in dreams can indicate your inability to deal with a situation.

On the other hand, dreams about seeing sick people can also mean sadness and a bad mood.

Dream about heart disease

When you dream that you have health problems with your heart, this indicates love problems that you may be suffering right now. When you feel disappointed and angry, this will also affect your heart rate. It will cause great turmoil and finally be present in dreams about heart disease.

Dream about sore eyes

When you suffer from eye disease in a dream, this health problem indicates that you have to see the situation from a different angle. Maybe you never thought other people didn’t feel the same way. An objective point of view will make you understand how to see from a different side. It makes you think more wisely.


Dream about someone sick

When you see someone you know is sick, this dream shows that you are afraid of losing that person. Apart from that, this dream also signifies concern that you will get into trouble for a while.

If you visit someone who is sick in a dream, this indicates that your wish will come true. This dream symbolizes that what you do sincerely will get a good return. Read more dream about a hospital.

Dream about a stomach ache

When you dream of having stomach problems, this can show that you have to think about the situation carefully and only then make a decision. You can only do some things slowly. This dream symbolizes that you need to consider everything you are facing. Take your time taking action because all have inevitable consequences. For that, you need to think deeply and be visionary.

Dream about headaches

When you feel dizzy or dizzy in a dream, this is a signal that you need to pay attention to what you’ve got so far. You may need to take better care of your belongings. This dream says you need to save a budget for lots of money. When you feel confused about thinking about something, this can cause distraction or headaches. This dream is a symbol that gives you a message.

Dream about an infectious disease

When you dream that you or someone else is suffering from an infectious disease, this can be a warning symbol to be careful. Some of your friends are not your true friends. They may have strings attached to you and want something of yours.


Dream about the disease without medicine

When you dream about an illness that doesn’t go away, this indicates that you don’t respect yourself. Maybe you humble yourself with unworthy deeds. Meanwhile, you are also not trying to make the best of the opportunity. This dream can also signify hopelessness and feel low before other people.

Dream about recovering after illness

When you dream of recovering after being sick, this is a warning for you to be careful not to get sick again. For that, you need to take better care of yourself. You can remember what disease you suffered before. It can make you understand what the cause is. Once you know it, you will be able to overcome it.

Dream about fainting from illness

When you feel weak because of illness and finally pass out, this dream can be a warning that your health is being threatened. The weakness that you think is a signal that your body needs rest.

Dream about seasickness

When you feel seasick in a dream, this indicates the emotions within you that prevent you from moving forward. It will continue to drag you down into darkness. This dream conveys that you must eliminate these emotions and move on to a new situation.

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