8 Hurricane Dream Meaning & Interpretation

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Hurricane Dream Meaning

Dreaming about hurricanes and typhoons can carry lousy symbolism. The power of the wind has a destructive capability that every creature fears. The wind is something that represents constant movement and activity.

A windstorm carries a sinister force and symbolizes destruction. On the other hand, every disturbing natural phenomenon creates fear for life and survival. In a symbolic sense, it represents a new beginning or rebirth.

Strong winds represent an overwhelming power that is invincible. It destroys everything and has no mercy. This symbol makes it clear that all things come from nothing. It’s just part of the natural cycle of change. Without an end, there can be no start. And so on until the end of this world. The destructive force is always closely related to the birth and creation of a new, better world.


Winds and storms can represent the ups and downs of life. If you persist in the dream, it means that you will progress. If you are chasing a storm in your sleep, this is a sign that someone is trying to show you strength.

If you are in the middle of a hurricane, this dream signifies that you are in control of your life. However, it also means that you are giving someone control. If you have seen a tornado from afar, this dream can signify the condition of your body.

The dream meaning of hurricanes and storms reflects extreme human emotions. When a hurricane appears in a dream, it represents the emotional upheaval of a person who is depressed. Such dreams can reflect intense and overwhelming feelings that they are blind to and affect the whole action. On the other hand, it can be a picture of deep-rooted emotions, frustrations, and tensions accumulated over a long period. Whatever the actual trigger, a hurricane in a dream is always a sign to release those emotions.

Dream about a hurricane

The meaning of dreams about hurricanes can seem scary. But generally, the dream brings good news. It is a particular channel for your repressed mind and for freeing things that you can’t always express.

Frustration makes a person feel miserable and leads to a disturbing attitude, especially one that interferes with oneself. It can harm the body, mind, and soul.

Universally, a gale symbolizes an instantaneous and inevitable change, which can result from a devastating but short-lived action. There are many things in life that you cannot predict or even imagine.


However, if it happens instantaneously and shockingly, it can mean a significant change is coming soon. The notion of this change can be alarming because it is human nature to worry about change.

When you keep dreaming about a hurricane, try to think about the situation in your life right now. There are some signs of change to come. The dream arrived like a warning and a blessing.

Dream of a hurricane destroying everything

The devastation caused by a hurricane can symbolize a particular atmosphere that is unpleasant, risky, and disturbing. If something in your life has been bothering you for a long time, it will appear in a dream. It could be that you find yourself in a circle you can’t break, a toxic work area, certain obligations related to family life, and bonds that you feel are no longer successful.

What’s even worse is that you are not responsible for the situation. The dream of a whirlwind that destroys everything can symbolize the loss of control over yourself. You feel you don’t understand yourself anymore or can’t hold yourself back. Emotions have rocked your life, and you don’t know how to escape this situation.

Dreams about a disturbing hurricane can also be related to an alarming atmosphere. You know that someone you love is sick. It creates a tone of mental stress that is usually released through symbolic means, a kind of dream of destructive power.

Dream of a tornado destroying a house

When you dream of a tornado destroying your house, this can show your changing nature. Maybe you’re constantly changing things, like your job, to make your life as enjoyable as possible.


A storm that causes damage to your home is also a sign that you will meet someone who will have a massive impact on your life in a way you could not have imagined.

Dream of a tornado passing by

Dreams of seeing a tornado can be related to changes in your life. Such changes are generally instantaneous and can be good or bad. However, dreams about whirlwinds usually display such changes, in the end, bringing progress, even though it initially seems complicated and insecure. It means that you will experience significant challenges but overcome them.

More specifically, seeing a whirlwind in a dream represents conflict and confrontation in real life. A woman who dreams of seeing a whirlwind may fight with her boyfriend. Interestingly, many women with two bodies are more likely to have this dream. Uniquely, this is related to a woman unaware that she has two bodies.

Dream of endless tornadoes

If you see the wind rolling endlessly but can’t hurt you, this dream shows you are in a turbulent period. These changes and problems near you will not affect much of your life. You will be able to save yourself because of proper and risk-free action. You must be patient and wait for the storm to pass.

On the other hand, if the strong winds are very close, you may be unable to stay away from the problem and get injured. In particular, this dream can relate to financial failure, unresolved social bonds, and many conflicts in life universally.

Dreams about whirlwinds that blow non-stop can also show that you have surrounded yourself with an abnormal personality. It displays a stormy mood, and you never know what you have to go through. You should take a step back and take another plan.

Dream of flying with the storm

When a storm lifts you into the air in a dream, it can signify that you will soon develop intense romantic feelings and passion for someone.

Dream of being trapped in a storm

In most cases, dreams about disturbing natural phenomena, such as a crushing wind, reflect the dreamer’s current emotional state. Generally, such dreams are a method of expressing repressed emotions, which you cannot speak due to any alibi. It could be that someone is dissatisfied with work, bonds with co-workers or friends, especially with family members. It could be that someone feels pressured into emotional and romantic bonds.

They need more space to release these intense feelings. A violent hurricane in a dream symbolizes such emotions. These emotions are generally a mixture of anger and feelings of helplessness or overwhelming weakness.

Dream of being chased by tornadoes

When you try to hide from tornadoes approaching high speed, this dream represents your desire to control yourself or your ability to maintain control. If a storm is chasing someone you know, it signifies that you may have friends or loved ones hiding their genuine emotions and feelings from you.

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