14 House Dream Meaning & Interpretation

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House Dream Meaning

A house in a dream as the main symbol has various interpretations. Many often see house objects as the background in their dreams while sleeping. Home signifies protection that is present to everyone who needs it. It will also depend on the house’s condition that appears in the dream.

It’s a dream that expresses the need to establish change quickly. If you dream of a house with peeling walls, this gives you a warning that you have to renovate.

A house symbolically represents the expression of your identity, apart from all other possible circumstances in the dream. The perspective from which you see the place is also essential for dream interpretation. If you see it from the front, the dream means a picture of yourself that you show to the public. The backyard in a dream means what is hidden inside you.


The interior of the house can also show some aspects of your personality. It can be linked symbolically to how you present yourself to the world. The house’s size, style, and condition can be vital signs for interpreting this dream. Consider how you feel about your home while you sleep. It would help if you compared it to where you live.

The rooms in the house show different parts of your soul. The attic indicates intelligence, the dungeons of the subconscious, and the like. If the house is empty, this means feelings of insecurity. If you don’t have a wall, this dream shows that you don’t have privacy, and everyone pays attention to your work.

Dream of an old house

How you react in a dream shows how you feel in real life. Dreaming of an old house reflects how you feel when you are awake. The dream is an expression that you are not adjusting to something. An old house signifies that you need to find what gives you pleasure. The ancient house symbol is an expression of looking for new things that can make you feel happy.

Dream about a new house

If you dream of a new house, this brings news that success will await you. This picture indicates that your hard work will get the results you have been waiting for. If you still live with your parents, this dream tells you that you need to be independent to work on your own.

Dream about a big house

Seeing a big and luxurious house represents a complicated goal, but not impossible for you to achieve. If you dream of a big house overlooking the sea, this is the time to relax and start living in peace. The big house also shows moments of togetherness in the family that you can’t miss.

Dream about a haunted house

When you see a haunted house, it reminds you that you will face problems and you should not let them pass you by. Also, this picture indicates that you are ready to try new things but don’t like them. When you see a ghost in the house, chances are that someone will give you an important message.


If you dream of a house with ghosts, this also signifies emotional disturbances that have not been resolved since childhood. This symbol is closely associated with deceased relatives or repressed memories. Read more ghost in a dream.

Dream of a house on fire

It’s one of the scariest dreams. Even so, don’t worry! You are undergoing a change process if you see a house on fire. This process is the basis for developing your personality to become more mature.

When you dream of a burning house, it can be a representation of substantial changes that are happening within you. The dream can mean an unexpected but happy event, making you more excited and happy. Read more fire in a dream.

Dream of moving to a new house

Moving or changing where you live symbolizes a bridge between the past and the future. It is a symbol of the changes that are taking place. If you dream of moving to a new house and feel happy, it symbolizes prosperity in your family. On the other hand, if you feel uncomfortable with this dream, then this signifies an emotional change where you can lose everything you have achieved. A dream like this can indicate some important news you will receive soon or suddenly go somewhere. Read more dream about moving house.

Dream of cleaning your house

When you dream of cleaning the house, this is the time to reflect. It would help if you had the power to rule your life. Cleaning indicates that you need to improve your attitude and avoid people with bad influences. This dream carries a sign that you have to do introspection, clean up what you have stored, and remove what is left.

Dreaming of cleaning the house represents your need to clear your mind and eliminate old ways of thinking. This dream can also announce a meeting with a friend who has not seen each other for a long time.


Dream of buying a house

If you buy a house, this signifies that you will embark on new activities. This dream conveys that you need to fight for what is yours.

Dream of a collapsed house

When you dream of a house collapsing and crumbling, this shows a lack of intimacy in your life. Maybe you feel that someone else is watching you and meddling in all your affairs. In addition, this symbol portends conflict at work. A dream about a destroyed house carries a bad omen. It is a harrowing state, and the need to make essential changes.

If you see the ruins of a house in your dream, this shows your beliefs and behavior. Such dreams can arise because of the current life situation, which connects you to that period. A collapsed house can also be a sign of the need to improve your way of thinking. Dreams like this can also announce some unpleasant events and situations that you have to face. If your house is damaged in a dream, this also reflects your care for your home.

Dream of an empty house

When you see an empty house with no occupants, this indicates insecurity, and you are uncomfortable with this situation for some reason. An abandoned house suggests you lack the materials to deal with the situation.

Dream of a messy house

Dreaming of a messy house can show that some aspects of your life are falling apart. You may have unresolved psychological or emotional problems and need to get rid of them to gain control over your life.

Dream of a dirty house

When you see a dirty house with scattered garbage, this symbolizes a depressed feeling. You need to make a significant change and do it right away. A dirty place reveals things that are tormenting you from the past. So it would help if you took the time to get things done quickly and move forward. Get rid of all that doesn’t belong to you and the toxic people that pollute your life.

Dream of building a house

This vision is a good sign and may announce good changes in life. If someone builds a house for you, this is also a good sign and can indicate significant changes that are about to take place in your life. Perhaps the difference is related to the financial situation, which will be suitable for your family.

Dream of someone entering your house

When you dream of someone entering your house, this can signify a threat. It may be related to a relationship that is in a difficult situation. There are parts of your personality that you suppress and need to improve.

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