8 High Heels Dream Meaning & Interpretation

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High Heels Dream Meaning

Dreams about high heels are usually present in women, although this can happen to men too. In general, many women wear high heels. If you are a woman, this makes it easy to have this dream. It is the memory that you get in the daily habits that you live.

High heels or women’s shoes carry a message of attraction. Usually, women will use high heels to make themselves more attractive and attention-grabbing. Likewise, with this dream, high heels are a sign that you want attention.

High heels in a dream also could signify femininity and self-confidence. Many sexy women wear this type of shoes and make them look different. Meanwhile, high heels also make your feet feel tired more easily. This symbol shows that you feel limited because you are a woman and cannot fully express yourself. You try to express yourself even though this makes you feel overwhelmed.


Dream of wearing high heels

Dreaming of wearing high heels can show that you want to be more sexually attractive. You can also do this to get someone’s attention when you want to be in a relationship with that person. The dream can also show you have found a skill you were unaware of.

Meanwhile, if you see other people wearing high heels, this can indicate discomfort. This symbol also says that something in your relationship worries you, or this will become a problem.

Dream about broken high heels

Broken heels are common dreams. However, if this happens in the dream, it denotes minor trouble. Maybe you will lose something.

If you dream about broken high heels but still use them to walk, this shows you have a relationship problem. It can cause emotional stress and doubt in you. Dreams about your heels coming off your shoes are generally a bad sign and can signify the breakup of your relationship.

Dream of getting high heels

When you get high heels, or someone gives them to you, this can mean that you have a good relationship with your family and friends. This dream can also indicate financial stability.

Dream of buying high heels

Buying high heels in a dream shows you are ready to make significant changes in life. It can also show your desire to start your own business.


Dream about expensive high heels

When you dream of wearing this kind of shoe, this can be an announcement of realizing all your plans.

Dream about high-glass heels

When you dream about high glass heels, you need to rethink some of the opportunities that have presented you recently. Glass shoes in dreams also signify that you feel vulnerable and need protection.

Dream about being in pain while wearing high heels

If you dream that you are in pain because you are wearing high heels, this indicates that you refuse to conform to the beautiful appearance of others. You don’t have to do something like everyone else is doing. It is an act of being natural as it is without you needing to attract the attention of others. You may be a person with such a simple type. You feel that what other people do is not what you think. Read more dream about pain.

Dream about low heels

When you wear low heels in a dream, this shows that you have a heavy burden. It’s something that makes you feel uncertain. For that, you have to free yourself from this kind of thing. If you are in doubt, it will be better if you do not continue your steps.

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