7 Helicopter Meaning In A Dream & Interpretation

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Helicopter Dream Meaning

Helicopters in dreams represent the fulfillment of your plans. It carries a message about success in general or the start of the realization of that goal. This dream can also mean complete freedom to start or change something according to your desired rhythm.

Dreams about helicopters can signify that some unexpected things will happen in your life soon. You may get a raise or achieve a goal that you think could be more realistic.

Dreams about helicopters also carry messages to reconsider your goals and desires. You need to give up if you see that you can’t achieve it at this point. You must pay attention to the message of this dream to avoid disappointment and unnecessary waste of time and energy.


In other meaning, dreams about helicopters can reflect your fear of people who can control you. Maybe you feel afraid of them treating you. It makes you need to hide and pretend in front of other people.

Dream about seeing a helicopter

When you dream of seeing a helicopter, it confirms your ambitions and achievements. It requires your commitment to achieve it. If you see a flying helicopter, this dream signifies success, but you must know how to go. It would help if you still learned how to get there. You may have some obstacles and obstacles in your personality that prevent you from achieving what you want. This dream is a confirmation that you have to believe in yourself more.

Meanwhile, if you dream that a helicopter is waiting for you, it is a sign that you have almost achieved the long-awaited success. This dream reflects self-confidence and the desire to achieve your goals.

Dream of flying a helicopter

When you dream of flying a helicopter, this is a good sign. This symbol shows you have enough confidence to achieve your goals and will soon receive confirmation. You need to set realistic goals that you can achieve very quickly.

The dream of being in a helicopter can also mean you tire yourself too much and please others without limits. This dream warns you to stop doing that and devote more time to yourself.

Dream of seeing a helicopter crash

When you dream that you are watching a helicopter crash to the ground, that is not a good sign. This symbol says that you will face failure because you are not confident.


Dreams about helicopters crashing can also indicate feelings about plans that failed or some situations that didn’t materialize. It can also mean some new experiences you started but have not ended successfully.

When you dream of seeing a helicopter crash, this shows unrealistic desires. It symbolizes that you will face failure and disappointment. It can also indicate that you need more confidence to succeed. It can also be a warning to be careful in the coming days.

When you are in a helicopter and you fall, this shows that you cannot concentrate properly. This attitude gets you in trouble in real life. This dream can warn about your carelessness and remind you to be more aware. A helicopter crash can also be a sign of failure in your endeavors. It can also show a need for more confidence in your abilities. Read more dream about accident.

Dream of becoming a helicopter pilot

If you dream of becoming a pilot and flying a helicopter, that dream shows that your work will get appreciation and career advancement. This picture is a sign that you feel confident about achieving your goals.

When you fly a helicopter alone, this dream can show you are trying to escape your problems by ignoring them. This symbol can be a warning for you to face the issues you have.


Dream of chasing a helicopter

When you dream that you are chasing a helicopter, this is a sign that you are pursuing your goals. The more you try, the faster you will achieve it.

The dream of trying to catch a helicopter indicates that you are pursuing your goals. Chasing a helicopter in a dream is a good sign because it signifies your effort to make your wishes come true.

Dream about someone in a helicopter

Seeing someone in a helicopter makes you feel insecure about your goals and plans. Even though these are the things you want, this dream indicates that indecision is your biggest problem. Despite this natural fear, subconsciously, you still need to follow your instincts and continue on the path to fulfilling your desires.

Dream about a burning helicopter in the sky

When you dream of seeing a burning helicopter in the sky, this shows that your plans have failed. The dream could also be a sign of failure and disappointment soon. You may need more ability to achieve your goal or more means to do it. This dream is a sign that you will find new opportunities for the progress and success you strive for after failure. Read more dream about fire.

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