11 Gun Dream Meaning & Interpretation

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Gun Dream Meaning

Dreams about guns symbolize protection and attack. It also carries a message about self-expression as a weapon to help others sometimes. Even this also has the news about destroying someone verbally.

Weapons in dreams carry a message about abilities that you can use for two different sides, namely, good and evil. It shows how you use your skills and control yourself. Guns announce responsibility for your actions and everything you will do for someone.

When weapons are present in a dream, this is a time when you need to be more responsible. In addition, you need to be vigilant because you can hurt other people with the behavior you live.


A gun can appear as a motif in dreams and have different symbolism. In most cases, the firearm symbolizes danger and aggression. It also indicates hidden anger or fear. In addition, this weapon can represent strength and pride.

However, the exact symbolism of dreams about weapons depends on the dream’s details. You must remember whether you just saw a gun or dreamed of having one, how you pointed a gun at someone, and how you shot. These are all possible situations in your dream about weapons, and each has a meaning.

If you’re not talkative, your words may not hurt the other person much. Even so, maybe you often think about planning something terrible. Your idea of making plans to hurt other people may be hazardous.

In general, a gun symbolizes that you should avoid unnecessary conflicts. The pistol, rifle, or other weapons in your sleep make you understand other people’s feelings. It is emotional responsibility and avoiding actions that can hurt others. Dreams about weapons reveal that it’s time to calm your mind.

Dream of seeing a gun

When you dream of seeing a gun, it signifies safety and trust. This dream also shows that trusted people are always around you. An essential thing in your life is to feel protected.

Dream about a gun at home

When you dream of a gun at home, it shows your relationship with your family members. It makes it necessary to act appropriately without forcing your will on others. You should avoid treating other people in the wrong way.


Dream of having a weapon

When you dream of having a weapon, you are brave and ready to fight anyone to defend your point of view. There is a chance that someone will threaten you in the future, but you will not pay attention. You have a strong attitude, and nothing will surprise you. That’s why people value and respect you.

Dream of hiding weapons

When you dream of hiding a weapon, it signifies that you are trying to hold back your anger against someone or something in your environment. However, you don’t show it in front of other people.

Dream of aiming at the target with a gun

When you dream of aiming at a target with a gun, it is a sign that you have a specific goal and are trying to achieve it. This dream can be a symbol of impulsivity and temperament.

If you dream that you want to shoot someone and you point a gun at them, then the symbolism also depends on whether you know that person or not. If it is someone you know, this dream shows that you are very angry with that person and feel some aggression. However, if you dream of targeting someone you don’t know, this reflects suppressed anger towards someone around you.

Dream of someone shooting you

It is a sign of an internal battle inside you when you dream that someone shoots you with a gun. It makes you feel that you are a victim in some ways than other people. All this makes you very worried and burdensome.

Dream about a gun in bed

When you dream of a gun in bed, you must understand your relationship with someone. Maybe you feel that people close to you do not appreciate you. It would help if you created healthy relationships by being kind to others. It is a period of improvement to make you more mature.


Dream of filling a gun with bullets

When you dream of loading a gun with bullets, this is a sign that you will soon meet someone you don’t like. This person constantly criticizes you and tries to influence your decisions and opinions.

Dream of shooting with a gun

This picture warns you to think carefully before you do or say anything when you shoot a gun. Be careful not to hurt the person you love because harsh words and fights can occur. It will be difficult for you to rebuild the same relationship with that person later.

If you dream of shooting a gun several times, it warns you not to be too impulsive and calm down. You often say or do the wrong things. This dream warns you to stay calm and try to control your emotions.

Dream of finding a weapon

When you dream of a gun you find on the street, it indicates that you are in a period of stress that makes you feel impatient in dealing with other people. It will make people avoid you, especially if you feel angry and not open. Take this time to concentrate more on your skills.

Dream of a broken gun

When you dream that the gun is not working, then it is a sign that you are in a state of despair. You don’t know what to do to eliminate the worries and problems that bother you. If you have a dream like this, you should start thinking a little better and see things differently.

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