7 Flying Dream Meaning & Interpretation

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Flying Dream Meaning

Dreams of flying are often present in everyone. From childhood to adulthood, many people have dreams like this. This image usually evokes beautiful emotions in the dreamer, but it can sometimes cause fear. It is a dream that evokes beautiful emotions and has specific symbolism. This message is crucial for your future life.

Flying in a dream brings an experience that relieves the burden on everyone’s mind. That is a picture of an escape from the tensions of your daily life. If you fly efficiently and enjoy the view, it shows that you are in charge of a situation. It is the ability to control yourself.


Usually, dreaming of flying is an exciting experience. On the other hand, if you feel afraid while flying, it shows you are scared of challenges. Maybe you’re not ready to take the next step. These obstacles symbolize something that is blocking you. Difficulty flying can also signify a lack of confidence or doubts.

When you fly without wings, you can look down. It tells you to look at the object from a wider angle. It also represents a different perspective on things. Flying high in a dream is also related to the level of self-confidence. If you fly low, it shows you are satisfied with your current life.

The true meaning of dreams about flying will depend on your sleep state and how you feel when you fly in a dream. Below, you will have the opportunity to see how dreams about flying have meaning.

Dream of flying freely into space

That is a good sign when you dream of flying and feel pleasure or satisfaction. This dream describes the current situation in your life. It shows that you are delighted and that you have complete control over everything that is happening around you. You are a person who believes in yourself and has priorities.

According to another interpretation, the dream of flying with joy indicates that you are slightly arrogant. You feel better than others and think that others are below you. If you feel this kind of thing, then this dream can remind you to realize a little that everyone is the same and you can’t act like that.

Dream of flying and feeling afraid

When you dream of flying and at the same time feel fear or anxiety, this indicates that you are currently in a terrible situation. You have many problems in your daily life. Perhaps you are tormented by evil thoughts, and it is difficult for you to cope with everything happening around you.


Dream of flying fast

When you dream of flying very fast, it means you are trying to run away from someone or a situation that does not give you peace in real life. You think you must finally distance yourself from that person as far as possible to be happy.

Dream of flying low

That picture has a reasonable interpretation when you dream of flying at a very low altitude. This symbol signifies success that you will achieve with little effort.

On the other hand, dreaming of flying high signifies that your ambitions are too big and do not match your actual abilities. This symbol warns you it’s time to stop for a moment and realize the actual situation.

Dream of flying on water

When you dream of flying on water, it reminds you to be more careful in the future. Many people around you don’t want you to be successful. This dream shows the threat from your enemies.

Dream of falling while flying

When you dream of falling while flying, it means you do not have enough confidence and are afraid of failure. You may not believe in your abilities. So you always live in fear of failure.

Dream of facing obstacles while flying

When certain obstacles appear in your path, this indicates a problem that is troubling you in real life. This obstacle can also be a direct symbol of people who are against you for some reason. Most likely, many people around you criticize and disagree with your opinion. Even so, it shouldn’t bother you in everything you strive for.


If you easily overcome obstacles in flight, this is a sign that it is easy for you to overcome these obstacles. That means you can still solve all the problems and emerge victorious. Your enemies will fail to interfere with your plans.

However, if you stop flying because there are obstacles in the way, this is a sign that you will fail to overcome them. Your enemies will win, and they will be able to interfere with your plans.

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