11 Flower Meaning In A Dream & Interpretation

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Flower Dream Meaning

Flowers are a common symbol in dreamland. Dreams about flowers more often come to women, perhaps because women are generally more affectionate than men. In addition, women are more sensitive than men to physical appearance. Flowers also symbolize your spirituality and giftedness.

The meaning of dreams about flowers can be different, but for sure, every picture in sleep has a particular purpose. The current situation you are in also plays an important role. The color of the flowers you see also affects the interpretation of dreams.

Dreams about flowers can represent your feelings about the beauty of something. It is a reflection of your gratitude for some beautiful things. It is also a sign of satisfaction with the success you have finally achieved.


Dreaming about flowers can be a picture of feeling satisfied with your life or happy with something you are currently facing. It can be a reflection of your appreciation of the beauty around you. The flower symbol symbolizes gratefulness for your life and the success you have achieved so far.

In an insufficient context, flowers in a dream can mean arrogance, narcissism, or an obsession with physical appearance. Such a dream reflects regret for something you lost or overthinking about how good your previous life was.

Dream of a flower garden

When you dream of being in a flower garden, it means your beautiful bond with your companion. Sometimes it can mean bonding with someone important in your life, such as a friend or family member. Flowers represent your love and care for that person.

Dream of picking flowers

When you dream of picking flowers, it is usually a good sign. It shows your willingness to expand your knowledge and get into something. This dream is a sign of a romantic bond that is blooming in your life at this time.

To dream of picking flowers for yourself or someone else symbolizes love in bloom. It means the development of new emotional relationships. It can also represent your quest for knowledge. You may want to understand your real place and what you want.

Dream of planting flowers

When you dream of planting flowers, it says that you want to make something beautiful. Sometimes this dream symbolizes a beautiful view that you already have. To dream of growing flowers can also show that you want to love.


This image can also symbolize your love for someone. Planting flowers in a dream can also tell great ego or arrogance. Maybe you pay attention to the beauty of the body.

Planting flowers in a dream can also be a harbinger of upcoming challenges and troubles. You need not worry, as you will likely rely on your ingenuity and experience to find the right solution.

Dream of receiving flowers from someone

When you dream of receiving a bouquet, this symbolizes admiration and appreciation from someone for you. It is a manifestation of someone’s attention to your work.

This dream can give unmarried women exemplary meaning in their love life. It also shows that many men around them want a relationship with that woman.

Dream of flowers in your hair

Flowers in your hair or head are signs of some problems. You may face some temporary issues. Don’t worry because you’ll likely be able to deal with it, so that the effects won’t last long on you.

Dream of withered flowers

If you see a wilted flower in your dream, it can be a sign of disappointment and sadness that you will suffer. This symbol can also indicate the end of a romantic bond. It can also signify unhappiness in your life or the lives of your family members.


Dreams like this can also reflect your disappointment over a loss. You may realize that something beautiful is being wasted.

Withered flowers are a sign that you are not using your talents and abilities to the fullest. Sometimes this dream says your sadness and disappointment over some of the losses you have faced.

Dreams about withered flowers can be a picture of looking at something that was beautiful but is now abandoned and gone. This symbol can signify stress, distrust, separation, and health problems.

Dreaming of wilted flowers can also signify lousy luck in your personal life. It can cause problems in the relationship and lead to separation, health problems, or loss of trust.

Dream of bees and flowers

This dream can mean receiving a suitable gift for something you have done. You may get credit for achievements in business, emotional relationships, or other areas. It’s also a sign of the deal you’ve been waiting for. Read more bees in a dream.

Dream of giving flowers to someone

If you gave flowers to someone, such a dream could say your appreciation and gratitude to someone close to you. This dream shows your gratitude to that person every time you have the opportunity to do it.

When you dream of giving flowers to someone you don’t know, it’s generally a good sign. It can show that you know someone who can play a significant role in your life, let alone a life partner. This dream urges you to openly express your emotions to this person so that you can allow your bond to develop.

Dream of colorful flowers

When you see lots of colorful flowers, it displays compassion, kindness, and spirituality. This dream is also a symbol of beauty, fun, and benefits that you will have shortly.

Dream of red flowers

The dream meaning of red flowers can represent your satisfaction that bad things must happen to bad people. Conversely, you may feel that someone is happy if bad things happen to you.

Dream of white flowers

When you see white flowers, such a dream can symbolize joy because you have eliminated someone or someone with an antagonistic personality from your life. White flowers can also signify sadness that you will soon experience.

Dream about a flower vase

If you put flowers in a vase, this dream is usually a good sign. Generally, it denotes a period of peace and harmony without hindrance and distress. It also represents the time to address other people’s problems.

Dream of making a wreath

If you dream of making a bouquet, it is a good sign. This dream shows good things that will come into your life. It indicates that you are about to receive good news.

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