9 Flag Dream Meaning & Interpretation

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Flag Dream Meaning

The flag is a symbol of a particular group or society. Each country has a flag image and color as a symbol of the nation. The state and certain institutions also have flags that carry marks for that organization.

Dreaming about your or another country’s flag can have different meanings. A flag that is not a national symbol of a particular country can indicate a situation you think is essential. It’s something you need support for.

A flag in a dream also represents the path of success you take through the shortcuts you think about. It’s the pinnacle of what you want because, generally, the flag is flying high. A banner in a dream also denotes the high spirits of the dreamer. However, it also announces selfishness in pursuit of something.

Dream of a national flag

If you dream of the flag of your own country or another country, that image can have different meanings, depending on your attitude towards that country. Dreams like this can reflect your interest in certain behaviors. A particular way of thinking may be best. Besides, dreaming of a foreign flag can cause your fear of potential defeat in a competition.

Dream of waving a flag

When you raise the flag toward the top of the pole, it’s a symbol of your achievement. You may have goals you want to realize, which makes you have dreams like this. You may have thought of a way to make your dream come true. However, if you fail to raise the flag or if it’s upside down, this represents failure.

Dream of getting a flag

If someone in a dream gives you a flag, you will show high respect for some achievements. The banner you carry in a dream also signifies that you will get married if you are still single. It’s also a sign that you will get a job. This dream generally brings good meaning to your life.

Dream of taking someone’s flag

A dream like this can mean you will remove someone from a position at work and in your personal life. You may intend to fire someone or end the relationship.

Dream of a flagpole

When you dream of a flagpole, it can signify stability in your life. Many people are always around you and will support you in everything you do or decide.

Dream of burning a flag

When you burn the flag, this dream signifies that you dare to say everything you think in front of many people. You may have long harbored your feelings due to pressure. Now comes when you realize there is no reason to hold it in, and you can end it. This dream carries the meaning of the protest you are doing.

Dream of a black flag

The color black is associated with death or destruction. Black flags in dreams tell you to be careful when making important decisions. It makes you need to be aware of actions that can make you suffer losses. Be cautious if you do it carelessly because this can worry you.

Dream of a white flag

When you see a white flag, this is a sign that you are giving up on something because your hope has faded. Your efforts were unsuccessful, and you need clarification on what you are dealing with. It makes you want to avoid causing further sacrifices to avoid potential losses.

White flags can also show your loyalty to the right and moral cause. This dream signifies that people think of you as an honest person who deserves their trust.

Dream of red flags

If you see a red flag in a dream, this is a warning that danger will come. It will put you in a risky situation. You must find a way out or prevent anything before things worsen.

Red flags also represent stubbornness to certain harmful beliefs. You may need to figure out what to do and even take excessive and dangerous actions.

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