10 Fish Meaning In A Dream & Interpretation

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Fish Dream Meaning

Fish in a dream result from knowledge about yourself that you do not realize. It also represents an emotional problem you have. You may have a problem but don’t understand its origin, or you may know the cause of the problem but refuse to solve it.

This animal appears all over the place as one of the oldest symbols in the world. Fish represent the idea of fertility and vitality. In many ways, fish in dreams indicates wealth and finances. If you dream of something related to fish, you must try to relate it to real life. Try to find out how this dream fits the atmosphere in your life.

Dreaming of catching fish symbolizes knowledge about yourself or about the problems you are facing. Fish in a dream can be a harbinger of a journey through the sea. A dead fish in a dream is a sign that something no longer interests you and can indicate frustration and difficulties at work or in life.


Flying fish in a dream symbolizes something you don’t understand but want to participate in. It may also be a new activity where you don’t have enough knowledge but want to learn and get involved in something too early.

Dream of fish in clear water

Seeing a fish swimming in clear water is a good sign to improve your finances. There is a chance that you will get a sudden income or even a promotion. If fish swim in shallow water, this indicates obstacles to business success. Dreaming of seeing fish swimming also signifies a happy love relationship that you will start. It can also mean success in your planned activities.

On the other hand, if the fish swim in muddy water, this reflects problems in real life. This dream demonstrates all frustration, sadness, distress, and all emotions that are not good. You feel kind of trapped and unable to move on with your life. Are there toxic people trying to disrupt your plans and destroy your wish? Do you have unresolved conflicts?

Dream of fish jumping out of water

When a fish comes out of the water, this dream means happiness and indicates progress at work or continuous financial improvement. If a fish jumps out of the water and falls to the ground, the dream is a reminder to think carefully before taking action. If the fish returns to the water from the ground, the dream shows that there will be difficulties, but you will overcome them.

Dream of big fish

When you dream about big fish, this is related to the big decisions you will take. This dream is a picture of your natural mood. You have many options but still can’t believe which one is the best.

This dream can also encourage you and help you decide. If you have just seen a big fish and it seems calm, you should look for the particular opportunity you have right now.


On the downside, it signifies a big problem if you feel very depressed in a dream. You are facing something difficult for you to handle on your own. The issues you face can develop because of your carelessness.

Dream of fish eggs

If you dream about fish eggs, it is an indication of new beginnings. You will have a new path to walk. Read more eggs in dreams.

Dream of cleaning fish

If you dream of cleaning the scales of freshly caught fish, this signifies a happy and exciting event that will change your daily life.

Dream of cooking fish

This dream is often a symbol of your beliefs, philosophy, or spirituality. It shows you are improving your personality qualities. This symbol also portends unexpected but pleasant news.

Dream of eating fish

Eating good fish and enjoying it indicates excellent success in everything you start, as well as happiness and financial success.

Servings of grilled or fried fish usually have a good signal. Dreams about fish for food are always related to material success. These dreams show that you will be lucky in financial problems.


This dream is a good sign for universal financial well-being. A dream about fish on a plate means good health, luck, and wealth.

Dream of fishing

A fisherman in a dream shows that you are trying to catch something. If you dream of fishing, it means that you are facing emotional problems. It indicates that you cannot resist the temptation or you will run into obstacles in your relationship.

Dream of catching fish

If you dream of catching fish with your bare hands, it means success, and the bigger the fish, the greater the success. If you get a big fish, this dream has a good meaning and signifies the achievement of a big goal.

Remember what fish you caught and how you felt about the dream. If you feel good, the dream has a good meaning for you. However, if you feel uncomfortable, then this indicates that you will find problems shortly. It presents the unpleasant atmosphere that you will be in, arising as a result of your actions.

Dream of dead fish floating in the water

This dream shows frustration if you see a dead fish floating in the water. You feel unable to solve problems or dissatisfied due to an inability to control the situation.

This dream can also mean that there are things that you cannot replace, things that you still refuse to accept. This dream is a reminder that many things in life are limitless, and you have to take this reality.

Live your best and try to live through the ups and downs. Don’t give up on your goals and dreams because of failure. This dream comes to encourage you and help you get through difficult times.

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