9 Figs Meaning In A Dream & Interpretation

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Figs Dream Meaning

Figs symbolize purity and purity. It’s a fruit that carries spiritual meaning. The fig tree carries a message of high spiritual awareness you were unaware of before. It also represents the power that connects you with the spiritual world.

Dreams about figs can bring wisdom that you need to develop with awareness. It makes you think a lot before you act. Not only that, this awareness makes you see a problem from a different perspective.

Since figs also represent fertility, if a woman dreams of this fruit, then there is a possibility that this is a chance to have children. Meanwhile, for men, this dream symbolizes masculine character.


Dream about a fig tree

When you see a fig tree, this dream is an announcement about the arrival of someone in your family. A child may be born and become part of a large family. Also, someone from the past will invite you to a reunion.

Meanwhile, your health is good if you see figs on a tree. If you are sick and recovering, this dream says you will recover soon.

A fig tree with heavy fruit also denotes future business profits. Your business will increase rapidly, or you will achieve success at work.

Dream about fig leaves

When you see fig leaves without fruit or trees in your dreams, this dream can convey that you will lose something. This dream also has a strong meaning when you see dry fig leaves in your sleep.

Dream about unripe figs

When you see unripe figs, this is usually not a good sign. Unripe figs in a dream can carry messages about ill health or illness. This dream also signifies that something will ripen prematurely.

Dream of eating figs

The dream of eating ripe figs is an excellent sign. This symbol denotes good health, significant earnings, and future pleasures. When you dream of eating figs, this can indicate a favorable development in a situation. You may succeed in your job so far. Your efforts will generate impressive profits. This dream can also mean business success, or you will start a new business.


Besides that, the dream of eating ripe figs also signifies happiness in marriage. If the fruit is delicious, then it is an excellent sign and announces success to come.

On the other hand, if you eat raw or dirty figs, this dream signifies failure in business.

Dream about buying figs

When you buy figs in a dream, it could mean that you will be in a relationship with someone. Meanwhile, if you sell figs, this signifies the help you will give to someone. It can make you feel satisfied to be able to help someone who needs you.

Dream about dried figs

When you see dried figs, this can mean happiness in a professional relationship. Meanwhile, if you dream that you are drying figs, this indicates that the people you like are near you to assist.

Dream about cakes and figs

When you dream about a cake made of figs, this symbolizes good luck on your journey. It also shows that you will have a more distant relationship with those around you.

Dream of picking figs

It’s a good sign when you dream of picking figs from a tree. This symbol describes success in the realization of your plans. It can also signify a delighted future will await you.


Dream about rotten figs

It’s not a good sign if you see rotten figs in your dreams. This symbol indicates a financial decline. It can also warn of disappointment in a love relationship. Maybe you don’t like someone, or maybe someone doesn’t love you back.

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