9 Eyelashes Dream Meaning & Interpretation

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Eyelashes Dream Meaning

Eyelashes are present as a shield from particles that interfere with the organ of vision. It will help the eyelids to react before potential threats get in the way. For some, it is a symbol of beauty. Even some women wear false eyelashes to beautify themselves.

Dreams about eyelashes symbolize self-esteem in certain situations. It is very close to the eye. Hence it is also related to the part of the vision. Eyelashes also refer to being proud of yourself. It also indicates a belief that one feels better than another. This symbol also signifies the arrogance that you have.

Eyelashes also describe the appearance of someone, which refers to the character or personality. You may want others to notice you and get credit for your efforts. Beautiful eyelashes bring a symbol of good luck in your work. Damage to the eyelashes also means disturbances and problems.

Dream of falling eyelashes

When you dream of your eyelashes falling, this reveals the loss of your beautiful appearance. This symbol also signifies the fall of your good reputation. In addition, this dream also shows betrayal by someone near you. This picture makes you need a careful plan to fix every mistake.

Dream of dust on your eyelashes

When the dust settles on your eyelashes, it expresses your feelings about an unpleasant situation. People may stay away from you and don’t want you around them. This symbol represents the discomfort you will see. It makes you need to make an attitude correction.

Dream of long eyelashes

When eyelashes grow longer, this indicates that you will meet someone without you expecting it. This symbol is a good sign that you will find your soulmate if you are still single.

In addition, this symbol can also indicate future profits. You may receive financial assistance from sources you least expect. Long eyelashes are a signal that something you desire will happen. It is the reward for the effort you put in.

Dream of losing eyelashes

When you dream of losing eyelashes, this is a sign that someone will disappoint you. Someone may act to betray your trust. This symbol also says that you will reveal someone’s secret but keep it a secret.

Dream of fake eyelashes

When you wear fake eyelashes, the dream signifies low self-confidence. You may feel inferior and not good enough to be independent. What you do is always ask the opinion of others. This symbol symbolizes that you feel unsure of your abilities.

If you see someone else wearing false eyelashes, this dream signifies that you trust someone too much. It has a bad result: bad people will easily deceive you through falsehoods. This dream is synonymous with deception by someone evil.

Dream of burning eyelashes

Dreaming of burning eyelashes indicates that you don’t want to see someone you don’t like. This symbol shows the grudge you hold against your enemies. You don’t want that person to appear in front of you. It’s also possible that you need to forgive the person. Read more dream of burning something.

Dream of short eyelashes

When you see your eyelashes grow short, this indicates something is missing. This symbol says that bankruptcy will threaten you financially. This dream also carries a sign of a scandal that will cause various problems and deep disappointment.

Dream about mascara

When you dream of decorating your eyebrows with mascara but feel dissatisfied or fail, this carries the message that you have a problem because of your mistakes. Even if it’s just a tiny mistake, it will develop into a big problem if you let it go.

If you do well when you apply mascara, this is a sign of business success. This dream signifies satisfaction at work with satisfactory results. If you are still studying, this dream is an excellent academic result.

Dream of beautiful eyelashes

When you see your eyelashes are beautiful and curly, it symbolizes an unexpected opportunity. It is a sign of good luck if you are doing your own business. This symbol also carries a message of happiness in your family. Moreover, it takes a sign of imminent change to improve your life.

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