9 Elevator Dream Meaning & Interpretation

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Elevator Dream Meaning

Elevators symbolically represent things going up or down. It is related to the rising or falling conditions in a particular event. The thing that affects the most is the movement of the elevator itself.

Do you feel like you’re heading in a good direction, and your instincts tell you you’re okay? Most likely, you dream about an elevator functioning correctly, moving upwards. But the meaning will be different if the elevator moves downwards.

If you feel sad and hopeless, you most likely dream about a broken elevator, an elevator going down, or something like that. Dreams about elevators can help you recognize such things and finally solve them.

Dream of seeing an elevator

If you see an elevator in a dream, it has a neutral meaning, neither good nor bad, but it warns you to pay attention to the surrounding environment and daily events. Great opportunities arise that will improve your life if you use them. If you see an elevator going up, this is a sign of a better life. If the lift goes down, it is a sign of discomfort that will worsen your life.

If you see elevator doors opening and closing by themselves, this could be an announcement of a fun and exciting experience with someone.

In addition, this dream is a reflection of desires and plans. You want to get ahead and be successful but still don’t know how to implement your ideas. You may have some good ideas about what you want to do, although you are still waiting for the right opportunity.

However, standing for long periods and watching people get off or take an elevator reflects a lack of motivation. Don’t wait too long because you could miss many good opportunities.

Dream of an elevator full of people

If the elevator is full of people and goods, the dream symbolizes that you need advice from someone. You must consider this dream’s message and how to solve the problem.

When you see many people waiting to get on the elevator, it can indicate that you need to be more patient and spend more time on your responsibilities.

Dream of an elevator falling

If you dream of a falling elevator, symbolically, it can describe drastic changes in your life. You lose control and succumb to fate, and this will jeopardize other aspects of your life.

Dream of being trapped in an elevator

When you dream of being trapped in an elevator that doesn’t move, this signifies that you will soon become part of immoral activities. You may be involved in fraud or extortion of money from other people.

In addition, this dream shows that you are stuck in a particular situation and cannot see a way out. Usually, this is an unpleasant situation as well as a frightening one.

Maybe you can’t see a way out of a crisis, or you can’t complete a task. However, you are in serious trouble if you dream of spending a lot of time in a broken elevator. This dream can reflect feeling very helpless that other people control you. It can also mean that you must try to be independent and struggle without the help of others.

Dream of taking the elevator down

When you dream of the elevator going down, this is a reflection of destructive emotions. If you are alone in an elevator going down slowly, it reflects a state of mind and feelings of sadness. You lose hope that things can get better but lack the motivation to change things.

It shows a tragedy if you dream of an elevator going down and being with someone you know. This dream is also related to a budget deficit or financial crisis. It reminds you that you have to wake up and see life differently. If the elevator is crowded and goes down, it symbolically represents a situation of mass suffering. It reflects the fear of you and your coworkers that you will lose your job.

If you dream that you are in an elevator that is rushing downwards, this signifies that you will meet someone who will have a good impact on changing your view of the world. It could be someone who will be a good friend and support you.

Dream of taking the elevator to the top

Dreaming about taking an elevator is a good sign for all aspects of your life. This dream shows that you are fine and you are successful at work. It may even symbolically imply a better job or a higher salary. This dream is also a sign that your plans will come true.

If you are alone in the elevator, it is a warning sign of loneliness in addition to great success. If you are with other people, you fit into the social circle and have a prominent place among people. However, if the lift is crowded and creeps up, it’s a sign that you have to work hard to make your way to the top.

If you take an elevator and it moves up fast, this dream carries a message that you are keeping a secret from a close friend or family member, which you will not reveal to anyone, even if you are under pressure.

Dream of an empty elevator

This dream can symbolize life’s ups and downs if you have entered an empty elevator. Dreams can refer to daily routines, obligations, and some extraordinary events that make life more enjoyable.

Dream of a broken elevator

A broken elevator in your dream indicates an obstacle you must overcome or work harder to realize your plan. A fractured elevator suggests that what you are doing is a static move. It tells that you must abandon specific plans because they will get you nowhere. A lot is going on, but it’s never too late to change your mind.

Dream of the elevator moving left and right

A dream like this can signify that you feel like a loser without success. It can indicate that you are in a phase in your life that requires personal change.

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