11 Elephant Dream Meaning & Interpretation

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Elephant Dream Meaning

The elephant is one of the most prominent members of the animal kingdom. This giant creature represents qualities such as wisdom and peace. People believe that elephants represent the spiritual realm and divinity in various belief systems and religious concepts. This animal is also associated with gods and all the important figures that have to do with wisdom.

In general view, the elephant represents a unique creature. Almost everyone was fascinated by the appearance of the dashing creature. The elephant figure also carries a message about wealth and luck.


An elephant in a dream can symbolize that you need to remember something. It reminds you that you must never forget something important. It can mean a strong person or a significant situation that you face. Dreams about elephants can also signify that you have patience and endurance.

Dream of seeing an elephant

When you dream of seeing an elephant, this is a dream that brings good luck in the future. An elephant signifies that you will be lucky shortly, especially materially.

This dream also means that you will be healthy and full of strength. On the other hand, the dream of seeing an elephant can be a reminder to be patient. You have to slow down and think carefully about plans. There is no need to rush to reach your destination.

If you see a group of elephants, this dream is a good sign and signifies happiness. Because elephants symbolize intelligence, this dream can announce progress in your current activities. During this period, you must make wise and fruitful decisions. You will find support from acquaintances and friends. Everything will go as you imagined.

Dream about a white elephant

When you dream of a white elephant, this symbolizes something precious. This dream signifies that you will have great opportunities associated with a high social position. This picture also shows that you are likely to deal with people with great charisma and influence.

A white elephant represents luck, well-being, and vitality. This dream shows that you feel very healthy.


Dream of feeding elephants

When you dream of feeding elephants, you will get money shortly. Dreams about friendly animals always bring good luck. Providing an elephant in your dream signifies that you will soon be involved with new opportunities. It will give you an extra money offer.

In general, dreams of feeding animals are closely related to professional life and are always considered a good sign in financial matters.

Dream of riding an elephant

It is a good sign when you ride an elephant in a dream. This dream signifies that your financial situation is stable and you enjoy comfort with your colleagues. This dream can also symbolize your power to control your own life.

Dreaming of riding an elephant also signifies that you are overcoming fears from the past. It also means that you are facing a big problem. The dream of riding an elephant also reminds you that you must have wisdom if you experience difficult times. Riding an elephant shows that you have a lot of energy and motivation. This dream also means you are determined not to let other people manipulate you.

Dream of killing an elephant

It is not a good sign when you kill an elephant in a dream or see an elephant being killed. This dream signifies that your security and stability are at stake. You may be in difficult and unstable times. It can endanger your finances and well-being. If you are married, this dream can signify financial problems that can damage your relationship.

Dream of a tame elephant

If you dream of a tame elephant, this is a perfect sign and symbolizes that you will meet someone by chance. This person will lead you to someone who will be an essential part of your life. You can make friends and make precious friendships.


Dream of an elephant chasing you

If you dream of being chased by an elephant and feel very scared, this shows that things from the past are haunting you. You try to avoid and try to run away from unresolved problems.

This symbol should encourage you to stand firm and face these things. These dreams are related to something that makes you feel guilty, but you find it difficult to admit it and apologize.

When you manage to escape from the pursuit of an elephant, it is a sign of your endurance. There may be people in your environment who try to control or limit you in a certain way, or they hold or criticize you. This dream signifies that you will overcome their efforts to influence you.

On the other hand, a dream about being chased by an animal that big can reflect feelings of tiredness with burdens and responsibilities. It would help if you remembered how to relax and enjoy your free time.

Dream of an elephant in the zoo

If you dream of an elephant in a zoo, something unfair will happen to you shortly. You will be accused of something you did not do. You are constantly trying to prove that you are not wrong, but other people don’t listen.

When you visit a zoo and see an elephant, this reflects your shyness. You may feel insecure and have a wrong opinion of yourself. In addition, you have difficulty expressing your opinion and expressing your desires. Other people think of you as a timid and reserved person.

This dream also shows that you cannot express your true thoughts. It’s what makes you feel frustrated in the end. This message tells you to be patient and wait for the right moment to act.

Dream of a baby elephant

If you see a baby elephant in a dream, this indicates a warning. Such a dream can warn you not to forget your friends and relatives. It would help if you spent as much time with them as possible. There’s no reason to ignore it. If you miss it, it can become a growing problem in the future.

Dream about elephant ivory

An elephant’s tusk in a dream represents strength. This dream shows that you are obsessed with other people. The elephant is a conduit for your mind to release your frustration at not truly owning this person, either physically or emotionally.

If you dream about objects made of elephant ivory, this is a symbol of good luck. Items made from ivory in a dream represent luxury and wealth.

Dream of hunting elephants

When you hunt elephants, it reflects your true nature. Maybe you are not interested in your surroundings and focus on yourself, or you are not interested in other people’s feelings. It allows you to hurt them easily.

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