11 Earrings Dream Meaning & Interpretation

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Earrings Dream Meaning

Dreams about earrings have a strong symbolic meaning. It is one piece of jewelry that becomes a body piercing. People use earrings to decorate themselves and for social status and lifestyle.

Dreaming about earrings is a good sign and signifies material improvement. Earrings are jewelry that many women wear, although men also wear them. Earrings with gemstones can symbolize wealth.

Earrings in a dream represent many things. Even more so if it’s included in luxury items such as gold or gems, all earrings express one’s culture and character.


Although not all earrings are made of expensive materials, they can be a dream that reflects a challenging choice. You can dream of wearing earrings, buying them, and receiving them as gifts. Beautiful earrings in a dream can bring good omens. It is also associated with financial matters and luck.

Earrings in a dream are an announcement of a good business that you will receive. It’s undoubtedly related to the opportunity to improve financially. Earrings can also represent your personality when you want others to admire you. You need to pay attention to what people say about you because this is related to rumors and the need to listen. Earrings can also indicate that someone has an important message for you.

Dream of wearing earrings

If you dream of wearing earrings, this shows that you need attention. This dream can reflect your current emotional state. You may feel confident and want other people to pay attention to you. Meanwhile, you are fearless in showing who you are.

On the other side, if you dream of wearing earrings that don’t belong to you, it means you are jealous of someone. It can also tell you are very dissatisfied and want to be someone else. This dream shows that you have to start changing yourself for the better.

When you dream that you are wearing only one earring, it is a sign that you will be open to other people. In addition, you feel mentally stronger to overcome your problems. This dream shows that you will accept yourself as you are.

If you dream someone is wearing earrings, this reflects your deep dissatisfaction with someone’s behavior. This dream can come if someone has mistreated you. Maybe someone is taking advantage of you and taking everything you have.


When your partner wears earrings, this dream can have different meanings depending on the type of earrings worn. If your partner wears gold earrings, this dream signifies that your partner is honest with you. Meanwhile, silver earrings illustrate illness or relationship problems due to inadequate communication. If the earrings are made of pearls, the dream could mean fertility or even the possibility of having children.

Dream of removing earrings

When you take off your earrings in a dream, this indicates your desire not to draw attention to something and not to talk about it anymore. Dreaming of removing earrings can also mean that you will take a short trip for work or personal needs. However, if you cannot take off your earrings in a dream, this indicates that you will receive help from a close relative.

Dream of getting earrings

When you dream that someone else is giving you earrings, it indicates that you will receive good news. If the earrings are made of expensive materials, people will consider you a valuable asset. Meanwhile, if the earrings are made of unique materials, they represent your talent.

If you are single, this dream is related to marriage. Gift earrings in a dream show that you will meet someone you love or get married soon.

Dream of giving earrings to someone

This dream could be a reflection of your beliefs. If you have given it to someone interested in you or your partner, this dream signifies mutual trust between you and that person. It is a good sign that you have a stable and long-lasting relationship.

Dream of losing earrings

When you dream that earrings fall from your ears and disappear, this is a warning that people are gossiping about you. This dream also signifies that you don’t have enough information to conclude.


On the other hand, if you are looking for lost earrings and find them, a dream signifies that you will receive important information. It will help you a lot to understand and conclude something.

Dream of broken earrings

When you dream of broken earrings, this indicates that someone might be gossiping about you. If the earrings hurt your ears, it is not a good sign for your relationship, as it suggests that there will be turmoil.

Dream of finding earrings

When you dream of finding earrings, this reflects that you finally accept reality. Finding lost earrings carries the message that you have understood something valuable from the past. It is a dream about emotions, conclusions, and deep inner peace.

This dream also signifies that you have finally found yourself. You have understood your strengths and weaknesses. It doesn’t mean you have a perfect life, but you will enjoy it with joy.

Dream of buying earrings

When you buy earrings, this dream signifies that you must re-establish relationships with several people and show them, love. Meanwhile, if you only see an accessory shop, this dream announces a meeting with a friend who has not seen you for a long time.

Dream of gold earrings

When you dream of seeing gold earrings, this indicates that you will receive news about forgotten money or unexpected benefits. If you dream of wearing gold earrings, this shows that you will have a son. On the other hand, this dream also indicates that you are stubborn. It also means that you will be in a lot of competition, but you will manage to fight and achieve what you want. Read more dream about gold.

Dream of silver earrings

When you dream of silver earrings, this is a sign of good luck and that people pay attention to you because of something you like. It can also mean that you are busy looking for ways to make the environment aware of you.

Dream of pearl earrings

When you dream of seeing or wearing pearl earrings, this can indicate that someone will give you essential clues about something you don’t know.

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