7 Drowning Dream Meaning & Interpretation

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Drowning Dream Meaning

Dreams about drowning can be present in everyone’s sleep. In general, this is a manifestation of people’s anxiety and fear. Drowning in a dream shows you are facing a change you didn’t expect. Therefore you never expect that something like this will happen in your life.

The dream meaning of drowning in water can also represent too high emotions. It will give you anxiety that will affect your mentality. Maybe you are always nervous about facing every problem. To talk to other people, you can face difficulties. The dream of drowning also symbolizes that you feel overwhelmed by something. It will make you give up in the end.

The symbol of drowning also indicates that you are too busy with your work. You have spent much time and energy on what you want to achieve. Until, in the end, you feel tired and can no longer hold on. This dream might interest you to explore it more deeply.


Dreams about drowning can send a message that you will soon encounter an emotional shock that you don’t expect. It is an unexpected significant change in yourself. Maybe sadness will approach you and prevent you from walking again. For that, you have to understand what made you like this.

Dream about drowning in water

When you dream of drowning in water, this indicates that you are too busy with an idea that obscures the direction of your life. As a result, this will bring an imbalance in your life. This dream can warn you that you are doing too much. Therefore, what you do will only harm you.

The dream of drowning in water also symbolizes your emotions. Maybe you have too many things and obligations. Gradually, it drags you down because you can no longer handle it.

Dream about drowning to the bottom

When you dream that you are drowning to the bottom, this indicates that you are overloaded. It is your obligation and duty you have. The dream comes as a message that you cannot take this responsibility anymore. If this is a task, you must tell someone who gave you the assignment.

Apart from that, this dream also symbolizes that your work could be better. Then it would help if you switched to another alternative.

Dream of drowning in a bathtub

When you dream of drowning in a bathtub, this reflects the depth of your emotions. You want to explore yourself but must figure out what to do. Besides that, this dream signifies that there are several obstacles that you need to overcome.


Dream about trying not to drown

This dream shows you struggle with anxiety when you try to swim, not drown in the water, and stay afloat. You have the determination to stay afloat and try to stay calm. This dream is a warning for you to pay attention to several things.

If you feel panicked, this dream signifies that significant emotional changes will come into your life. You may be under a lot of emotional stress right now. Meanwhile, it would help if you gained confidence in your breath.

Dream about someone drowning

When you see other people drowning, this dream signifies that there are some bad habits that you need to get rid of. You may have been a bit lazy lately. It is a warning for you to get up and move immediately. This dream can also mean the end of a lifestyle that no longer suits you.

Dream of saving someone from drowning

When you are trying to save someone from drowning, this signifies your need to help people close to you. On the other hand, if you fail to save someone from drowning, you have no control over some situations, even though you have tried hard.

Dream about surviving drowning

Many people rely on your support when you survive drowning, or someone else saves you. On the other hand, this dream also signifies that you will only get support from your environment if you ask for it.

Also, surviving drowning symbolizes that a relationship will last long, even though many problems await. This dream can also show your ability to survive in difficult situations that seem impossible to overcome.

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