16 Dream Interpretation Of White Color

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Dream Interpretation Of White Color

The color white in a dream represents renewal and something new. On the other hand, it also signifies silence. White also symbolizes peace and hope. Dreams about white objects usually illustrate clarity of mind. Hence, a white wedding dress in a dream also could denote happiness and innocence. White clothes in a dream could represent a clear mind.

The color white in a dream can mean someone is looking after you selflessly. White also signifies purity in the beliefs of many people in the world. Pure color without stains represents cleanliness.

However, not all white is a good sign. Some dreams with white objects also have a flawed interpretation. Stains on white can indicate something is coming to an end.


Dream of white paint

White paint color indicates self-development, growth, and significant improvements. After this dream, you can expect a promotion or some other honor for something you have done.

Dream of egg white

When you see egg whites in a dream, it can signify success you will achieve quickly. It would help if you did something that will get you to the top soon and be surprised by it. Read more eggs in a dream.

Dream of a snow-white mountain

When you dream of dazzling white snow mountains, such an image is not a good sign and could be a sign of health problems. You need to ask yourself if your body is signaling something wrong. You may need to see a doctor.

Dream of a white snake

When you see a white snake in a dream, it announces that you will soon receive some unpleasant and useless information. This dream also shows that you will feel disturbed by someone’s actions.

Dream of a white butterfly

When you see a white butterfly, that dream signifies poor health. You may experience health problems soon. This dream can also mean you will face obstacles in achieving your goals.

Dream of a white wolf

When you see a white wolf, this dream can mean you have wrong beliefs and must reconsider. Don’t let other people influence you in a bad way. You have to be careful and look at the situation. Read more dream of killing a wolf.


Dream of a white cat

A white cat in a dream is often a sign of bad luck. This dream also marks a period of doubt and misunderstanding. It will make you regret or lose valuables.

Dream of a white bull

When you see a white bull, that dream is a good sign and signifies the plan’s success. A dream can also be an announcement of prosperity and wealth.

Dream of a white shirt

When you wear white clothes, this dream signifies a period of sadness and depression. You may feel someone will die soon, so you have dreams like this.

Dream of white shoes

When you see or wear white shoes, the dream can be an announcement about a new acquaintance, change of residence, or marriage. Read more shoes in a dream.

Dream of a white bird

If you dream of a white bird, this is an announcement of good news. This dream gives information about the arrival of a friend recently when you haven’t seen that person in a long time.

Dream of a white mouse

When you see a white rat, that dream signifies that some people are not what you think. For that, the fake appearance they portray should not blind you.


Dream of a white horse

When you see a white horse, that dream can represent a concern for health and spiritual peace. This dream signifies that you are holding back your emotions and desires. It requires you to let go of your fears and fully accept yourself. In addition, you need to learn to show your feelings to others.

Dream of white smoke

When you see white smoke, this dream is a sign that you fantasize too much about impossible goals. This dream can also mean that someone is trying to stay away from you for some reason.

Dream of white flowers

Seeing pale white flowers in a dream is not a good sign. Usually, it announces terrible news about your personal life. On the other hand, if a girl has a dream like this, it could promote engagement or marriage. Read more dream of picking flowers.

Dream of a white rabbit

White rabbits in dreams are usually a symbol of commitment. People you can trust are there to support you in your life. This dream is a symbol that you have someone you can rely on.

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