15 Door Dream Meaning & Interpretation

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Door Dream Meaning

The door allows everyone to enter and exit the room. It also serves as a shield of any building to cover the room’s interior. An entry into a dream can represent new changes. It indicates an opportunity to do something new in life. The door can symbolically mark the transition from one phase to another. It means the options available in the future.

Dreams about doors also carry a message about change to do things differently. There is a possibility that you are indecisive about some things, and the dream reflects your feelings. It announces insecurity or limitations within you. For now, you may not be able to make a decision or understand something you just saw. It can be exhausting and cause problems.

Walking through the door is a sign that, shortly, you will have to defend yourself from someone who wants to dominate you or dictate your behavior. Most likely, the person will not succeed, but you will not be able to get rid of his presence for long.


There are many definitions of the various doors. Every event in a dream will determine its interpretation. Different interpretations will appear when you see the door open and closed. An open door symbolizes an opportunity, whereas a closed door signifies a missed opportunity. It will also have a different meaning from a locked door you need to open.

Dream of a locked door

A locked door can represent some possibility, change, or access to something that makes you feel disconnected and trapped. You may think that progress in your life is being hindered.

Dreams about locked doors can also show your reluctance to open up to others or your antisocial behavior. Maybe you are quiet and don’t want to reveal things about yourself.

Dream of looking for a door

When you dream of looking for a door somewhere, but you can’t find it, this shows that you are in a difficult situation. You may face a challenge that surprises you but does not know what action to take.

Dream of a key to open the door

When you dream of trying to open a door with a key, it signifies a new desire that you have planned. You may find an opportunity by accident, but you don’t stop to be ready to try it. The dream of opening the door shows your desire to start knowing more about yourself. It symbolizes your interest in a new area, which you discovered through friends or other means. The dream of opening a door with a key is a good sign for people who are starting a new business because it is a sign that it will be an opportunity for success.

If you cannot open the door immediately, you are reluctant to start your work. It also means that you are in a situation that is not easy to solve problems. Read more dream about keys.


Dream of a sounding door

When you hear a door creak that bothers or scares you, it carries a message about someone you don’t like. This dream also symbolizes the stress you feel.

Dream of someone knocking on the door

When you dream that someone knocks on the door, this signifies theft. This dream shows that you will become a victim of theft or fraud. This picture also describes the distractions you experience for some reason.

Dream of a door that won’t close

When you dream of a door that cannot be closed, this shows the changes you have made and cannot undo.

Dream out of the door

When you dream of going out of the door, this shows an opportunity you missed and can’t get back. This image also signifies your feelings about past conditions you cannot return to.

Dream of someone breaking down the door

If you dream of someone trying to break down the door where you are, this signifies that someone will deceive you. It will be someone you feel very close to. Someone will reveal the most profound secret that you share. This dream can show that you are in danger.

Dream of a very narrow door

When you dream of passing through a very narrow door, this signifies a challenge that you must go through. Be prepared to face tough times. It carries a symbol of decline that will slow your journey for a while.


Dream of opening the wrong door

When you dream of opening the wrong door, this signifies an opportunity you don’t want. Maybe you are facing a problem that you are trying to avoid. It can also indicate that you should open up communication with people you don’t like. In addition, this dream also shows your mistake in acting because of your ambition.

Dream of a closed door

When you dream of seeing a closed door, this shows that you are missing opportunities that are no longer available. This symbol also indicates that you need quick action to open up opportunities.

Closed doors carry a message about problems you may be facing, and you are unlikely to be able to overcome them. This dream is often a sign of trouble and disappointment because you are not skilled enough to complete the task.

If you stand before a closed door, this dream can show the challenges and obstacles you will face. When you have a plan, you’re working on, you’ll soon encounter problems you can’t handle. It will prevent you from making progress.

Dream of an open door

When you dream of an open door, this shows the love between you and someone else. This picture is usually a sign of deep affection between a partner.

An open door in a dream also signifies a new opportunity that you will soon meet. It can indicate a reward from someone for a job you do well. Success will be on its way to achieving your goals. It’s a change and an opportunity to do something new.

Dream of an open and closed door

When you dream of an open and closed door, this symbolizes that you are finding out about opportunities that you enjoy. At the same time, you cannot use it in any way. The dream can also show the problems you have that make it worse.

Doors closed and openly reflect the emotions you have. It also reflects your attitude towards problems that arise. You may have a problem that gets worse over time, but the situation suddenly goes away on its own.

Dream of slamming the door

This dream can be a reflection of the feeling that you have been ignored or ostracized by society. It also reflects terrible habits or fears that occur in your life.

Dream of a collapsed door

When you dream of a broken door, you or someone close to you is in danger. In addition, this picture shows that the people around you disagree with your actions. These people also intend to provoke you into doing something. This symbol should be a warning for you to stay alert.

A door that collapses as you walk through it is not a good sign and will usually cause trouble. This dream shows that someone significant to you is in danger.

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