12 Donkey Dream Meaning & Interpretation

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Donkey Dream Meaning

Donkeys in dreams represent the humility of the people around you. This animal can also mean the stubborn attitude you have. The donkey shows that you want to maintain your beliefs even if they are unprofitable.

In ancient times, many people used donkeys as human carriers in some places. Donkeys can also be an insult to someone who is an imbecile. In addition, this animal symbol shows a stubborn character. Avoid cooperating with other people. This dream can also mean you are under much pressure and cannot think clearly.

A donkey in a dream can carry a message of uncertainty. It will bring a lot of disappointment into your life. This dream can also show that you will face many obstacles in achieving your goals.


Dream of riding a donkey

When you dream that you are sitting on a donkey, this indicates that you will need a lot of patience and attention to complete the projects and plans that you are currently working on. Besides, the dream of riding a donkey in a dream signifies that you can travel to a place you have always wanted to see. It can also mean slow progress toward realizing a goal.

On the other hand, if you dream of someone riding a donkey, these are future problems in your family. This dream also reflects your tendency not to pay attention to the success you receive. Besides that, this dream also shows that you criticize other people too often about their achievements. Because of such behavior, people can distance themselves from you.

Dream about falling from a donkey

When you ride a donkey and fall, this dream represents separation and lousy love affairs. Falling symbols in dreams always carry terrible meanings. You have to be prepared to face everything that harms you. Through this dream, you have the preparation not to be easily surprised.

Dream about a white donkey

Seeing a white donkey in your dreams can mean success and satisfaction with what you are currently doing. For women, a dream about a white donkey can signify that they will enter the circle they have long yearned for. This dream can also show your leadership character and ability to control things.

Dream about a herd of donkeys

Seeing a herd of donkeys indicates that you will succeed in controlling a problematic situation. This dream can also show conflict resolution or misunderstanding between you and your partner.

Dream about a donkey chasing you

When you dream of being chased by a donkey, this indicates that someone gossips a lot about you. Many rumors will circulate about your horror—most of the people who don’t know you that much will know this gossip.


Dream about a donkey kicking you

Donkeys can also kick like horses can. If you dream of a donkey kicking you, this indicates conflict in the circle of people around you. They will not treat you well. Even so, you can do nothing to prevent it. Dreaming of being kicked by a donkey can also convey that you fear being caught in immoral acts.

Dream of herding donkeys

When you direct the donkeys in which direction to move, this dream shows that you must focus on maintaining your reputation. Someone might try to destroy your hopes for selfish reasons.

Dream about donkey milk

When you drink donkey’s milk, that dream brings a good sign. You will receive praise and admiration from those around you. It also shows that you will succeed in something related to your expertise. This symbol also indicates that you tend to satisfy your desires before completing your obligations. Read more dream about milk.

Dream of killing a donkey

When you have a dream of killing a donkey, this indicates that you are trying to control your behavior. The donkey can be a symbol of stubbornness. For that, you need to control yourself. It makes you train yourself to be disciplined.

Dream of feeding a donkey

Feeding a donkey in a dream shows your tendency to help people who don’t deserve your help. In the end, they will always use you for their purposes. Read more dream about food.

Dream about a donkey running

When you see a donkey running, this indicates that you are trying to solve a complicated situation. It also means that you will find answers to essential questions. On the other hand, what causes failure in your life is that you often delay your work.


Dream about a dead donkey

When you dream of a dead donkey, this shows that you are not behaving correctly or have been involved in illegal behavior. It will give you a lot of problems and bad moods later.

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