11 Chicken Dream Meaning & Interpretation

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Chicken Dream Meaning

Dreams about chickens can come in many forms. Chickens are pets and bring satisfaction to many people who use chicken meat and eggs. Chickens in dreams carry messages about your relationship with the people around you.

A chicken in a dream is usually a good sign. It can also signify expanding the family through birth or marriage. Also, a chicken in a dream suggests that one returns after a long separation, perhaps from time to time. This reunion will make you very happy.

The rooster represents the family bond between parents and children or friends. This animal also symbolizes well-being and financial condition. It will depend on how you see it in dreams; everything has its meaning. Try to remember the dream back even further.


In general, a chicken brings good luck. Think carefully about your relationship with the people in your life first. If you dream of a fat chicken, then it is a symbol of profit. Most likely, you have done something important for the community.

Dreaming of chickens signifies new beginnings and happy times. It can also symbolize gentleness and weakness in a situation. Sometimes the rooster also represents problems related to children and family. The yellow chicken tells your children who will help you financially. The black chicken signifies that your children will face financial difficulties.

Dream of buying chicken

Buying chicken in a dream indicates that you will face problems with someone close to you. On the other side, if you dream of selling chickens, you will be happy with your family.

Dream about chicken eggs

It’s one of the best dreams about chickens. Eggs carry messages about new beginnings. Many people also eat chicken eggs every day. It’s the most beneficial thing about this animal. If the egg is in good condition, then this dream signifies luck on your side. Even so, it would help if you had time to reap the rewards of your work.

Meanwhile, if you dream of chickens laying eggs, that is a sign that luck is getting closer. This symbol also says you have good relationships with the people around you. If the hen’s egg hatches, it denotes a happy occasion. Read more egg yolk in a dream.

Dream of a skinny chicken

When you dream of skinny chickens, this symbolizes humiliation and shame. Most likely, you will encounter unpleasant things. Someone will accuse you of something you didn’t do, but you won’t be able to fight back because you don’t have a solid alibi. The people around you don’t believe you due to false testimony.


Dream about a chicken nest

When you dream of a chicken nest, it announces that you will soon receive news of marriage. This news will make you very happy. Finding a chicken nest in a dream can mean a pleasant surprise or a happy change from a situation you thought was hopeless.

Dream about chicks

When dreaming of chicks, this signifies good health. This dream also represents a happy event to celebrate something. Someone very close to you may soon marry or have children.

If you are planning a wedding with your partner, this dream reflects all the ideas in your mind. It is also a good sign that your relationship is solid and stable.

Dream of a crowing cock

When you dream of hearing a cock crowing, it signifies that you will be proud of your success. It can be present in any field. If you have children, this is a sign that your child has good performance at school.

Dream of raising chickens

When you dream of raising chickens, this reflects your need to change the current situation. You have to take a break from your daily tasks and relax. Meanwhile, if you feed chickens, this indicates that people near you will be very successful, which will also influence you.

Dream about a dead chicken

If you dream about dead chickens, this indicates that you have lost control. The strong influence of someone around you presses you constantly. People with selfish intentions use you for their good, even to hurt others. Think carefully about what and to whom you say something. Refrain from acting stupid and accepting all offers without even thinking about them.


This symbol also reflects the frustration of feeling powerless. Maybe you have realized that someone is deceiving you, but you are not acting to protect yourself.

Dream of killing chickens

To dream of killing a chicken represents your need and desire to conquer your fears. You want to get your life back and do things the way you enjoy.

On the other hand, if you kill chickens for fun and not for consumption, this heralds major troubles at work or in your personal life. It is a symbol of disappointment and possible separation.

Dream of a flock of chickens

When you dream of many chickens, this reflects your concern for your family or your family members. Some may have a hard time once they experience dreams like this.

If you don’t have your own family or are far from your family, this dream signifies your need to build a family or be on your family’s side. This dream can also mean the care you feel as a parent for your child.

Dream of eating chicken meat

When you dream of eating chicken, this is a sign of good luck for your future. That means your life will improve, especially in terms of financial well-being. It will make you feel relaxed and enjoy your life; you don’t need to be constantly busy. What you have done will pay off.

If you cook chicken, this indicates that you will receive good news. It is a fun situation, and you will earn extra money. It’s not a dream that carries a terrible message. Read more meat in a dream.

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