13 Candle Meaning In A Dream & Interpretation

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Candle Dream Meaning

Candles carry a message of light of peace. Dreams about candles will depend on the conditions when you sleep. Many people need light as a sign of spirituality and change. The candle flame symbolizes goodness and a path of light for all.

Dreaming of candles is very meaningful for individuals looking for peace of mind. If you are going through a bad stage, maybe you will light a candle as a symbol of calm.

Dreaming of lighting a candle signifies the power of life. It tells that this phase will end when you go through hardships. The candle flame represents how you have a relationship with the outside world. On the other hand, a dead candle indicates that you will enter into darkness.

Candle symbolism has a special place in most people’s lives. Dreams about candles torching in the dark can signify hope and happiness. Candles are also a symbol of life force.

Candles in a dream can also confirm that you have learned some vital lesson or that some critical phase in your life has ended. It can also mean saying goodbye to old beliefs you no longer have.

For some cultures, dreams about candles carry a good sign. In addition, the color of the candles also influences dream interpretation. In general, people light candles to light up the darkness. It’s like you are looking for light from all the nights you’ve been through.

Dream of a candle flame

If you see a candle flame, it is a good sign and symbolizes that you will soon meet someone you have not seen for a long time because you do not have time or do not live in the same place. Even so, you will have a great time with that person. This dream can also announce a meeting with several people who can help you realize your current project.

A candle with a bright flame signifies a time of peace, happiness, and progress in your life. If the candle flame does not flash, this portends the end of your emotional relationship, which will hit you and your partner hard. Maybe you don’t accept other people’s opinions or differences will be the reason for your breakup.

Dream of lighting a candle

Dreaming of lighting a candle is a sign that you need a change. You may be looking for a way to get out of trouble and want inner peace. Lighting a candle in a dream can signify that you will soon have an erotic meeting with someone you miss and enjoy. Such encounters will continue in the future.

If you dream that you cannot light a candle, it is not a good sign and announces that you will participate in the death of someone you know. It may be an unintentional act that will indirectly lead to death.

When you light a candle in a room, it is a sign that you are feeling lonely and not getting the help and support you need. It does not mean that you are not a person with no friends or no one loves you. This dream is more of a sign that people are busy with their lives. As a result, they don’t have the time or means to help you.

Dream of red candles

Red candles bring enthusiasm to work harder. Change may happen, but you won’t take it into account. If you are single and dream of a red candle, this signifies that you will find new love. It will come along with people you already know. If you are in a relationship, your dream about a red candle invites you to take the next step or strengthen your relationship.

Dream of black candles

When you dream about black candles, this brings terrible omen and problems. It’s a moment filled with worry. You have to get ready to face stressful situations and conflicts with other people.

Dream of buying candles

When you dream of buying candles, you will make significant changes that will positively impact you. It is time to look for a new job. If you are single, you will find a new relationship.

Dream of blue candles

When you see a blue candle, it’s an invitation to stay relaxed and focused on your goals. Make the changes you want. Dreaming of blue candles invites you to get out of suffering.

Dream of a yellow candle

Yellow candles in a dream signify that you will use your intellectual capacity in activities. It also indicates that the obstacles will disappear once there is a new energy that will bring benefits.

Dream of blowing out candles

If you dream of blowing out a candle to put it out, it is not a good sign and signifies that you will receive bad news that will make you very upset. This news could be work-related or something you didn’t expect to happen.

This dream can also mean you will receive news that someone close to you will die. You will feel guilty for not spending more time with that person.

Dream of a candle flame going out

If you dream that the wind blows a candle or someone blows it, it can mean someone will talk about you. It can hugely impact your reputation, which won’t go away so quickly.

When the candle suddenly goes out, it is not a good sign and tells that you will soon be sick and need to go to the hospital. This dream also warns you to act, so you do not fall ill.

It’s also not a good sign if you dream that a candle suddenly goes out and leaves you in the dark. Candles are a sign of success and good luck. This symbol indicates some problems and obstacles in achieving your goals.

A candle that goes out suddenly signifies that you will soon witness the death of a loved one or the loss of something important. This dream carries a sign about material things as essential but also shows that you must let go of them.

Dream about melted candles

When you dream of melting candles, it reflects a situation that will end. It brings the news that you need to complete the uncomfortable situation. This symbol invites you to stay focused on what you want to achieve. It also predicts the disappearance of obstacles that prevent the achievement of goals.

Dream of candles surround you

If you see candles around you, this indicates that damage is possible. You have to be careful with the people around you. A candle that surrounds you with a powerful flame symbolizes an uncertain future. It also carries a sign of impending illness.

Dream of candles and smoke

When you dream of a candle with a lot of smoke, it shows that you have to understand that now is not the right moment to decide. The smoke from the candle symbolizes trouble and discomfort. It also illustrates the dangers you may face if you act now. Read more smoke in a dream.

Dream of walking and carrying a candle

When you walk with a candle flame, this is a good sign announcing success. The dream also refers to a job or project you are involved in and will complete successfully. It could be something related to your appointment.

On the other hand, the dream of seeing someone carrying a candle can indicate that problems from your past will return. You may have ignored it in the past and avoided getting it done. This dream is a message you must face and solve to move on. At the same time, it is a reminder not to leave situations unresolved, as they will come back to haunt you at some point.

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