8 Apple Dream Meaning & Interpretation

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Apple Dream Meaning

To dream of apples represents the success of every wish, fulfillment, and realization of plans. Apple is a fruit with a symbol of happiness in life and love. This dream generally has an interpretation that brings a good sign.

The dream interpretation of apples will depend on the condition of the fruit. Dreams carry good messages when the apple is ripe. It shows the excellent moment you are going through or are going to. This dream advises you to do everything planned for this period because the results will be profitable.

Dreams about apples can indicate good luck and happiness to come. You may encounter an incident that will bring joy to your life. This dream can give hope and optimism for the future.


The color of apples in dreams can have different meanings. If you dream about bright red apples, this could be a sign of bravery or tough love. Green apples represent new and bright ideas and optimism. However, if the apple in your dream is black or even rotten, this can indicate fear, anxiety, or a problem you must solve.

With so many symbolic meanings, it’s hard to decide what it means to dream about apples. Dreams about apples can mean you will experience happy moments; you might hear good news. You may have opportunities that you can’t even imagine.

Dream about picking apples

If you dream of picking apples from a tree, this can be a symbol of growth and progress. It shows that you are taking steps toward your goal. This dream also means you will achieve positive results from your hard work and dedication.

Dream about eating apples

Dreaming that you are eating an apple can signify satisfaction and harmony. To dream of eating apples represents health and happiness. It can be a sign that you will enjoy a healthy and happy period in your life. Apart from that, this dream can also mean that you will find new ways to improve the quality of your life.

On the other hand, if you dream of eating a rotten apple, you are susceptible to illness and self-destructive behavior.

Dream about ripe apples

When you dream of seeing ripe apples, this can show that it’s time to implement your plans and achieve your goals. Seeing it on a tree indicates a period of realization of your plans and desires. Everything you start in this period will work for you to finish.


Dream about green apples on a tree

If you see green apples growing on a tree, this dream symbolizes knowledge and prosperity. This symbol shows that it is time to reap the rewards of what you have done. This dream can draw your attention to maintaining your health. Read more dream about trees.

Dream about apples and worms

When you dream of worms in apples, this indicates that you have to be careful because someone might trick you. This dream can show that you will soon hear untruths that can divert you from a critical path. Read more dream about worms.

Dream about rotten apples

If you dream of rotten apples, this indicates some future problems. This dream shows that some of your plans will not come true or will not give the expected results. If you dream about rotting or damaged apples, it could be a sign that something is not going well in your life. This dream indicates that you may encounter failures or problems soon.

Don’t worry; this can also be an opportunity to learn and grow. However, this dream sometimes brings ominous signs as long as you want to try hard.

Dream about red apples

Dreaming of red apples hanging from a tree shows new opportunities that will appear to you. This dream also represents an unexpected gift from someone.

Dream about cutting apples

If you dream of cutting an apple into several pieces, this indicates that you cannot see things correctly. It will prevent you from making any effort to realize your plans and desires.

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