Dream Symbols

Some images always come in a dream of every human being and give questions. Every occurrence in a dream is not always the same and gives its meaning.

Dreams symbolize one’s soul and goals. Each component deeply addresses insights from reality. One must understand that whatever may be present in sleep is a demonstration of God.

Dreams are messages and voices from our subconscious and give a deep warning to someone. The bearer of glad tidings of good and bad things to come, and old hidden memories.

Dreamjohn Symbols

Devotional dreams and God’s words

Dreams are human life experiences common to everyone—a person who dreams of achieving or getting something that is impossible. Some dreams contain the word of God through notifications, reprimands, and commands.

A believer who prays to ask God for something often gets an answer in a dream. In this case, the person concerned understands the meaning of the dream. But if the person does not understand the importance of the dream, pray for God’s guidance or seek someone with experience to ask about the dream’s meaning.

Genesis 20:3 But at night God came to Abimelech in a dream and said to him, “You must die because of the woman you took; for she is already married.”

Numbers 12:6 Then he said, “Hear my words. If there is a prophet among you, then I, the LORD, have manifested myself to him in a vision, I have spoken to him in a dream.

Joel 2:28 “Then it will come to pass, that I will pour out my Spirit on all men, and your sons and daughters will prophesy; your old men will have dreams, your warriors will have visions.

Matthew 1:20 But when he was considering this, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream and said, “Joseph, son of David, do not be afraid to take Mary as your wife, for the child in her womb is from the Holy Spirit.

Dream interpretation for everyone

In ancient times, dreams were always connected to the supernatural world. Beautiful and happy dreams represent the presence of God, while scary nightmares represent the presence of Satan.

Such assumptions began to shift when Aristotle expressed his views on dreams. According to Aristotle, dreams are mental activities when a person sleeps. During sleep, the senses can still catch stimuli from outside.

After the death of Aristotle, the interpretation of dreams is growing. Quite popular are the views of Macrobius and Artemidorus. Both assume that dreams are related to the past and the present. Here, dreams are related to events or events we experience before going to sleep.

On the other hand, dreams are related to the future by bringing messages about events. It is a prophetic dream or picture that carries a message from God or an upcoming event. In its development, dream interpretation seems to be related to the community’s conditions, habits, and culture.

Recurring dreams are usually triggered by various situations and problems that still occur continuously or have not been resolved. Usually, this indicates a person’s weakness, fear, or inability to cope with existing problems.

The dream interpreter investigates each image in sleep based on religion, culture, logic, idioms, parables, and what is true. Dream interpretation explains how the human brain works. It identifies a person’s innate awareness. The meaning of dreams also describes the spirit of culture and sometimes carries a universal perception.